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Self-Employment Businesses - Blog Recommends 3 Top Choices

From owning your own WiFi hotspot/café to freelance writing and web/graphics design, research firm recommends the 3 best self-employment businesses for a motivated self-starter.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- Many believe that self-employment is really the solution to the mass unemployment that prevails today – people are no longer ready to sit around and wait for the government or the private sector to create jobs, they want to start something and see it grow and work out. recommends the following 3 self-employment businesses for people taking those vital first steps into self-employment.

1) WiFi hotspot/Café – This is a great idea for a budding entrepreneur because the demand and need is obviously there without the large capital to worry about. A WiFi hotspot/Café is simply an area where people can be in to access fast Internet/data speeds through a WiFi connection on their iPads, iPhones, tablets and PDA’s without having a prepaid data plan or phone company data contract, for an hourly or monthly charge. The “walk-in” convenience combined with the added utility of grabbing a quick coffee or snack while working makes it a hit in a fast-moving metropolitan setting.

2) Website order service – This can be a hit with people living on the outskirts of a major town who may need to travel several miles to do their shopping or buy household items and electronics. A young entrepreneur can launch a website where people can place orders to receive the goods they need from the stores they want. They can pay in advance and have the items delivered to their doorstep. Websites don’t cost a ton to design, build and host, and the demand is certainly there. Just a little motivation will do the trick.

3) Freelance writer/graphic designer/programmer – these are essential services that virtually no company can do without. With these skills one can become a consultant, or open a private practice. Graphic design skills can be used for designing for websites or for everyday promotional printing design (such as for postcard printing, sticker printing, poster printing, canvas prints and other printing services). The only major capital needed to start here is the knowledge – so grab your Photoshop manual or your iOS/Android/C++ developer’s manual to get started.

"Being self-employed is great as it allows you to cultivate a vision and grow with it – you have the liberty to grow in so many different directions and more importantly, you’re your own boss. has put together three great self-employment ideas that are guaranteed to work for motivated and dedicated people," says a spokesperson.

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