Self Help Author Announces Web Site for Free Healing Using Mind Power

Clarksville, Tennessee based self-help author offers free web site to help correct mental, emotional and even physical issues, using only the power of the mind.


Clarksville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Jason Mangrum, author of self-help book "Uberman - Almost Super Human" announced today that a web site he created along with his wife Skye Mangrum, can help people heal themselves of mental, emotional and even physical issues in as little as ten minutes.

"The system was developed using a synthesis of psychology, energetics and consciousness technologies I've studied and experimented with for the past eleven years, put into a simple five-step formula that anyone can follow step-by step to reduce or even neutralize mental and emotional blockages by eliminating the 'charge' of the feeling or thought in question.", Jason explains.

And users of the free web site are reporting positive results. Such as Erika Cohen who writes, "First I was skeptic, but what the heck I followed it through and wow this actually worked from 8 to 0. It's amazing and feels sooo good thank you."

User Tony Newton reports, "Fantastic technique for changing personal negative energy patterns! I am deeply grateful." Among several other reports are comments such as, "thanks for the idea, you help millions of people", "purely practical" and "thanks Jason! Best ten minutes to invest for healing yourself here and now!"

Furthermore, Jason is offering his entire five-step system without charge to anyone who wants to use it to directly experience an observable change in their issue.

Jason states, "this web site is a free gift to humanity regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you believe. Too many authors and entrepreneurs in the self-help industry fall prey to greed and forget their true passion and purpose is in helping people, even if they can't afford to pay for it."

No money is requested to use the free service. The site is monetarily supported by users of the Free Self Care System who wish to purchase the author's book after using the free system to observe a positive transformation in their lives.

For more information or to use the Free Self Care System, visit

About Jason Mangrum
Jason Mangrum is author of the self-help book, "Uberman - Almost Super Human" which reveals techniques and methods to activate full human potential and experience the power of the mind for empowerment, healing and the achievement of goals and success in all areas of life. For more information on the book, visit to use the Free Self Care System, visit

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