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Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- The greatest achievement in anyone’s life is measured through the wealth that is accumulated in a simple and effective manner. Most people work throughout the week and still walk out unsatisfied with their paycheck. On the other hand, some earn a substantial amount of income, but are however faced with other challenges in life that hinders their financial independence. Financial freedom can be achieved by seeking the knowledge and wisdom from successful individuals, and then taking ACTION.

About Kevin J. Donaldson
Kevin J. Donaldson is the CEO, Author, Life & Business Coach at Real Wealth Solutions Inc., a wealth building consulting firm, which aims at sharing some of the workable ways of becoming financially adept, and also aiding those who wish to look for new ventures in life. Kevin has written a comprehensive and helpful book called ’10 Secrets of the New Rich’ which focuses on the new era of millionaires. The book is quite an inspiration, especially for those who have been pondering the idea of making more money than what their regular job has to offer. As a life coach with extensive experience in helping many income groups, Kevin aims at addressing various aspects of life like health, family, spirituality, society etc. which act as major influencing factors in everyone’s life. He merges the importance of being financially successful to meet life most pertinent needs. As a person who has started from scratch, he shares some of the best secrets that can help anyone become rich in no time.

The ultimate goal of this self-help book is to initiate a journey for those who have long to achieve the goals, that one has set to attain; financial freedom. This would help anyone who wishes to earn more income while employed or unemployed. This amazing self-help book can be bought from Amazon at a great price. There is a facility of buying a used book too. The reviews reveal the benefits of shelving ’10 Secrets of the New Rich’ as it has helped many achieve financial success and also balance the other factors that are part of life. This helpful book can also be gifted to friends and family. For more information on the book, you may contact the author or call on 1-347-632-1450. To purchase the book, visit This self-help book is sure to change your complete outlook towards life and becoming rich. Follow Kevin J. Donaldson on: Facebook-


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