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Self-Help Guru, Lori Snyder, Unveils a 7-Week Empowerment Program to Help Women Reveal Their 'Inner Goddess'

‘The Goddess Effect-Revealed’, written by Lori Snyder, is more than just a book – it’s a lifestyle. Designed to help women nourish their bodies, minds and souls, Snyder’s program will provide glowing results through a 7-week voyage of self-discovery.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Lori Snyder has a gift. Clients, friends and family point out the self-help coach’s unique way of entering a room and making everyone in it instantly feel as if they are the most important person in the world.

Tapping into the essence of each human being she meets is something that Snyder has instinctively done since childhood, and now, she is determined to reach women around the globe with the release of her new book, ‘The Goddess Effect-Revealed.’

As soon as readers delve into the first few pages, they will be transformed by Snyder’s words. Utilizing a proven process, the 7-week program is specifically designed to attract, develop and create a union of body, mind and spirit. For Snyder, it’s not just about getting the perfect body or honing career-making skills – instead, it’s a cohesive blend of inspiration, effort, creativity and the power of dreams.

“The way one cultivates and cares for a relationship with themselves and with others is very important, along with how they nourish their body, mind and soul on a daily basis,” says Snyder. “I’ve always believed that each person holds within them a potent inner strength, that when tapped into can help them to create powerful results towards making their lives an extraordinary one.”


‘The Goddess Effect-Revealed’ Is more than just a book, it is a process to tap into the essence of your inner Goddess to attract, develop and create a beautiful union of body, mind and spirit.

Goddess unleashes a seven-week program that delivers remarkable results in helping people to make transitional shifts towards an extraordinary life.

Lori Snyder moves through the sessions with ease and joy. She is very clear, precise and inspiring. She helps others to begin feeling empowered along their journey towards building a life they love, one that works just the way they always wished it would.

-Session One: See Believe Become
-Session Two: Financial Success Makeover
-Session Three: Career Blastoff
-Session Four: Power of Goals
-Session Five: Limiting Belief Buster
-Session Six: Blissful Relationships
-Session Seven: Inner Image Magnificence

As A female you have natural strengths and intuition, along with an abundance of inner and outer beauty. Learn how to release your inner spirit and tap into your feminine magic to begin living your life successfully, with authentic love, intention and happiness.

Since its release, ‘The Goddess Effect-Revealed’ has attracted a lot of attention from notable public figures.

“Lori Snyder exudes nothing less then pure magic in her enthusiasm to inspire and create real shifts in everyone whose life she touches. She is a breath of fresh air, down to earth and very caring in how she helps others to understand and tap into their greatness,” wrote Raven Blair Davis, CBS Radio Talk Show Host, Celebrity interviewer.

“Lori, I truly admire your passion. The butterfly “Avatar” is truly appropriate for YOU given the work you do in transforming lives!” wrote Brian Springer, Nutritional Coach & FM Radio Talk Show Host.

Those looking for a ‘quick fix’ might be wary of the program, but Snyder has the ability to empower readers into taking that vital first step.

“Dreams cannot be achieved in a blink of an eye; it takes some time and effort. You can’t just leap from your life into your dream life in a single step, but you can build the bridge that enables you to cross over in the shortest possible time,” says the author.

‘The Goddess Effect-Revealed’ is available now: http://bit.ly/1lyJm5I.

To watch the book trailer, please visit Lori’s YouTube page.

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About Lori Snyder
Lori Snyder is a Certified Professional Coach, an author and motivational speaker. Various local and international publications and magazines have featured her. Lori is known for being very intuitive and on target in her coaching practice with her client’s. Lori has a natural love and connection with people and is gifted in being able to tap into their essence after knowing them for a short period of time.