Self-Help Psychologist Wants to Motivate Workers as They Return from Holidays by Giving Away His Most Popular Ebook

Self-help Psychologist says you can learn how to become highly motivated in 60 minutes. In order assist people as they begin returning to work, he is giving away his most popular ebook, “Motivation Now.”


Sydney, AU -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- A Self-help Psychologist says people can learn how to become highly motivated in 60 minutes. Knowing how difficult it can be to return to work and be productive after having time off, Aleks George Srbinoski claims people don’t need to go through a whole motivational course and hours of self-development in order to be at their best.

In order to prove his claim, and highly motivate others to improve themselves, the Psychologist has decided to support workers and businesses returning to their normal routines by making his ebook Motivation Now: Productivity and Persuasion Secrets For Modern Day Excellence and Effectiveness, free on on Thursday the 10th and Friday the 11th July, 2014. To obtain a free copy, visit

The book offers highly practical advice on a range of key motivational areas. Skills readers will develop include productivity, decisiveness, emotional and behavioral triggers, intrinsic motivation, rewards, overcoming procrastination and more.

In developing the “Motivation Now” ebook, Success and Happiness focused Psychologist Aleks George Srbinoski centered the theme of the book around the question: “How can a person make a dramatic improvement in a key self-development area in 60 minutes?”

“I wanted readers to spend less time reading and the majority of their time applying what they learn,” states Mr Srbinoski, whose book offers seven key methods for becoming motivated.

“The secret to most self-development, and this is very true for motivation, is it has to be immediately actionable. That’s why I wrote the book in a very conversational style and in a way that would mirror an executive coaching session,” Mr Srbinoski says. “We all have such incredible potential, but without motivation, all is for nothing. I want to see people returning to work and their business full of confidence and energy and become invaluable as we move through these uncertain economic times.”

In celebration of the book, Aleks George Srbinoski will be giving away copies on the 10th and 11th of July on To obtain a copy visit

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