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Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss Mp3. Free Appraisal Downloads Available


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- Using self-hypnosis for weight loss has always been a popular approach to slimming, particularly when a person’s health is at risk. Furthermore, this latest Urgent Weight Loss recording by Steven Luzern could greatly increase the success rate of using self-hypnosis for weight loss due to its extremely short playing time.

When questioned about its success rate, Christine MacDonald of The Miracle of Self-Healing publishing company stated. “Early indications suggest this ‘self-hypnosis for weight loss’ mp3 recording could assist people with even the most obese weight problems.”

She went on to say, “We are making a large number of copies available through the author’s website for free. This will enable us to ascertain a likely success rate when this self-hypnosis for weight loss recording goes on sale early next year. ‘Urgent Weight Loss’ is the title of this innovative recording.

Most self-hypnosis recordings fail eventually because they are far too long. With long recordings people listen a few times and then give up due to the inability to find time to relax for 30 to 60 minutes each day. ‘Urgent Weight Loss’ plays for just 10 minutes. Therefore it can be relaxed to during work breaks, or even on the train, underground or bus on the way to and from work. Most people can manage that once a day.

Steven Luzern, author and presenter of this self-hypnosis for weight loss recording, has been making professional self-hypnosis recordings for over 27 years. When asked why this recording is so effective he replied, “It’s like a street fighter. By that I mean it gets in there straight away. Does its job and gets out. There’s nothing unnecessary about this self-hypnosis recording. Plus is draws upon my many years of knowledge as a hypnoanalyst and internet recording broadcaster.”

‘Urgent Weight Loss’ promises to be a true winner for those who are trying to urgently lose weight and get slim. Furthermore, it can be used with an effective diet such as ‘The Dr. Charles Weight Loss Factor’. The idea of hypnosis for some people can be somewhat daunting, so this recording utilises conscious self-hypnosis. This way consciousness is maintained throughout the playing of this recording, thus eliminating the popular misconceptions often connected with self-hypnosis and loss of self-control.

For those interested in obtaining a free pre-release copy of this self-hypnosis for urgent weight loss mp3 a fully working download can be obtained by visiting the author’s website and completing a brief form, upon which a download becomes immediately available.

About the Author: Steven Luzern Hypnotherapist.
Steven Luzern has been producing self-hypnosis recordings since 1988 and in private practice as an analytical-therapist using hypnosis for over 25 years. Additionally, he's been hypnotising people for over 40 years. His last hypnotherapy practice was in the United Kingdom’s centre for renowned medical excellence - Harley Street, London.

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