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‘Self Luminous Exit Signs Co.’ Helps Keep People Safe With Self-Powered Emergency Exit Signs


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2012 -- As anyone who has had to evacuate a building quickly knows very well, emergency exit signs are extremely necessary. In fact, in some cases, they can literally mean the difference between life and death.

One of the most important things about an emergency exit sign is its ability to be seen and read, often in a pitch black hallway or stairwell. If the electricity has gone out and a traditional emergency exit sign loses power, it can lead to chaos.

A company has been creating quite a buzz recently for its wide selection of non-electrical emergency exit signs that are constantly glowing and offering direction and reassurance to people in any type of emergency.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Co. features tritium powered exit signs, which can stay self-illuminated for up to an amazing 20 years. Unlike traditional LED exit signs that need an electrical source, self luminous exit signs utilize a special technology to keep them glowing at all times, indoors and out.

And, since exit signs are required in all types of facilities and buildings throughout North America, all of the self luminous exit signs sold by the company are UL 924 Listed and approved for use in both the United States and Canada. As a bonus, each tritium exit sign is also inherently waterproof.

As an article on the company’s website noted, the technology that illuminates the self-powered exit signs is quite interesting.

“Here is how it works; tritium gas, an isotope of hydrogen, is enclosed into shatterproof glass tubes which are arranged to spell "EXIT". The tritium gas glows green and can be seen from more than 100 feet away in total darkness. The tritium tubes are enclosed in a vandal-resistant thermoplastic housing and clear polycarbonate face shield.,” the article explained, adding that the tritium exit sign has gained in popularity over the last 30 years because they eliminate the need for an electrician and have no maintenance costs for their entire lifespan.

Using the company’s user-friendly website to place an order is easy; simply log on and begin browsing through the wide selection of self luminous exit signs. Each tritium exit sign is always available for quick shipping and the company remains open all day, every day. Customers who are unsure what model to order or how many they might need are welcome to call the company’s toll free number anytime and speak with a friendly customer service representative.

About Self Luminous Exit Signs Co.
Self Luminous Exit Signs Co. provides tritium powered exit signs to projects of all sizes, from one sign to hundreds—no job is too big or too small. The company is committed to offering good prices and fast delivery times, as well as outstanding customer service. For more information, please visit http://www.selfluminousexitsign.com