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Self Luminous Exit Signs Provide Guidance Even in the Absence of Electricity


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- During natural disasters like the recent events of Hurricane Sandy, electrical power can be lost for hours, days and even weeks. In such instances, normal lighting fails along with the electrical power. This loss in lighting and power not only impacts homeowners, but also leaves people who live in apartments and condos or who are staying in hotels with little ability to navigate their way to the outside of the building. This is mainly due to fact that conventional exit signs require electricity to operate. With no power, residents have no guidance to help them down the stairwell or even through the halls.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Co. offers a full line of self luminous exit signs to help businesses, hotels and apartment complexes overcome this challenge. The company features a range of alternatives to traditional electrical exit signs, all of which are UL 924 Listed and guaranteed compliant throughout the United States. This includes their revolutionary tritium exit signs.

Conventional exit signs require electricity and feature a small battery that helps the sign stay on after power loss, but only for 90 minutes. In a disaster situation such as Hurricane Sandy, 90 minutes is an extremely small fraction of the amount of time that power could be lost. By using the self powered exit signs available from Self Luminous Exit Signs Co., there will always be EXIT illumination, for years to come, regardless of the availability of electrical power.

Businesses, residential buildings and hotels looking for a self luminous exit sign can take advantage of the company’s high quality tritium exit signs, which use a glowing form of hydrogen gas, called tritium, to provide brilliant and long lasting exit sign illumination. The tritium signs can last up to 20 years with no power source needed.

According to Self Luminous Exit Signs Co., “The self luminous exit sign is the most reliable exit sign available today and because of this more and more architects, engineers, and property owners are utilizing them. Requiring no electricity, tritium powered exit signs are easy to install and cost efficient for many businesses.”

Adding to the signs’ reliability, the tritium powered exit signs include a 5-year replacement warranty and are guaranteed OSHA compliant.

For more information about the effectiveness of self luminous exit signs, visit http://www.selfluminousexitsign.com

About Self Luminous Exit Signs Co.
Self Luminous Exit Signs Co. provides alternatives to conventional electrical exit signs. Our self-powered exit signs use tritium gas technology to provide powerful, long-lasting, and most importantly, reliable emergency exit lighting. All of our self luminous exit signs are UL 924 Listed and guaranteed compliant throughout the United States.