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Karnataka, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- Authors Square helps budding authors publish free books during the free promotion period, thus, letting the authors experience how to get a book published, and so that the book is judged by the other authors. Following a few steps towards writing a book can take the author places.

The author should make sure that they have the idea clear in their head, as to what they want to bring out of the book. The story can then be built around the idea. One can either get your book published by an external agent, or one can get their book self published in a really easy manner.

The e-book industry is moving all thanks to kindle, and e-book publishing is a great option for authors to conduct a book trial, especially during the free promotion period. They can easily find out how their books run about. The Authors square helps budding authors by publishing their e-books for absolutely no cost on the kindle e-books page. Not only this, but upon request, free reviews will also be posted about your book. Authors can take great advantage of both these services.

E-books can get more sales than normal books, because ever since the advent of the internet, many people resort to it to get to know more, hence, it would be a perfect platform to market self published books.

For Amazon self publishers who want to get the most download for their kindle book, they just need to send in a requisition form, and during the free promotion days, they will get the maximum publicity for their book. The form needs to be send fifteen days in advance though. Amazon free publishing is truly an incredible and simple way for self publishing authors to establish their thoughts and make money at the same time.

The huge population of kindle, a happy situation is created for wannabe authors, because the people on Amazon and those who use kindle don’t mind spending money on buying books. Hence, an author’s books will get publicity, reach out to lot of people, and even after the free promotion period, it can get a whole lot of potential buyers. Extra money from self publishing can be earned easily this way.

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