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Selfie Sticks Have Been Banned at Music Festivals - "No Problem," Says Rex Martin, President of Phone Paal

The Lollapalooza and Coachella music festivals have banned selfie sticks to end revelers' look-where-I-am narcissism. The designers of a new phone attachment will still let you take that ultimate selfie.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- Music festivals have added the selfie stick to the prohibited items list, and other venues are sure to follow. They have also been banned at football games and museums, among other places. The selfie—word of the year in 2013—is something that its lovers and haters, alike, have tried. With camera in hand, ego-photographers have clicked away to prove that they are on scene. It's their status. It's their social media validation. Instead, the picture often proves just how short their arms are, and how big their ears look from eighteen inches away. Selfie sticks may have let us add some distance from the lens, but now that these perceived danger sticks have been banned, that doesn't mean festival-goers can't still take an awesome selfie.

We introduce the Phone Paal. The Phone Paal, introduced by a company of the same name, is the newest innovation that will finally bring the advantage of adding accessories to camera-phone photography. Among its benefits is the ability to attach lenses to mobile phones. With the addition of a wide angle lens to a phone, a picture from just arm's length is able capture the whole environment—you, your friends, and your epic moment. And it can be done without the danger of poking out someone's eye.

The advantages of the Phone Paal aren't limited to the use of wide or zoom lenses. It also accommodates microphones, lens filters, and additional lighting. The frame of the Phone Paal also allows flexible methods of mounting the phone to a tripod, and yes, even selfie sticks.

The standard lens connection is able to use a wide variety of lenses that are not limited to a specific manufacturer. The patented design allows the Phone Paal to lock in virtually any phone, with or without a case. Other phone mounts use a spring-loaded clamp to hold the phone. Unfortunately, these clamps don't allow photographers to add lenses. And worse, the clamps get un-clamped at the most incorrect moment, and your pricey status symbol could end up at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.

In today's connected world, it is easy to be overlooked in the flood of tweets, flickrs, and status updates. Every year, 127 billion pictures are uploaded to Facebook. The Phone Paal will make yours better than everyone else's.

Phone Paal designer Rex Martin notes, "photographers and movie makers—professional and casual alike—have been using interchangeable lenses since the invention of photography. While the quality of the camera built into phones has improved significantly, the use of additional lenses has not. The Phone Paal finally addresses this continuing problem, leaving little else that dedicated cameras can do better."

One of the design testers, Terry McFarland, stated, "having visited many of the National Parks, without zoom and wide lenses, many of my best pictures would never have been realized. Also, being able to mount my camera phone on a tripod is a huge convenience."

In a further validation of the importance of advancing the use of camera phones, Rex adds, "camera phones have approached studio quality. They were solely used to create a recent super bowl commercial, and in a single day over half a million pictures are uploaded to photo-sharing site Flickr from the iPhone 5 alone. If you include the statistics from other phones and other social media sites, the value of improving 'phoneography' is very compelling."

About Phone Paal, Inc.
Phone Paal, Inc. was incorporated in 2014 in Orlando, FL, with the release of their flagship product. This patented product will add functionality to camera phones that will benefit amateur and professional photographers alike. It is being brought to market in a pre-order "crowdfunding" campaign currently underway through the Kickstarter website at $39. Following the delivery of their initial product, the scalable design will be applied to tablet computers and other mobile device accessories. For more information on the Phone PAAL and the Kickstarter campaign, visit

PR Contact: Rex Martin, 407-496-8214