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Selfish Altruism: New Book Introduces and Elaborates on Concept of Personal Return on Investment.

With a highly contested presidential election looming and with the corporate community lacking an authoritative text on the workings of change in the scheme of business management, Moe Glenner steps in to explore the concept of, ‘What’s in it for me?’ and how it can facilitate organizational change.


South Bend, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Having been the initiator and recipient of both good and bad change management methods, veteran supply chain management consultant, Moe Glenner, today announces a unique new book for the wider business community.

‘SELFISH ALTRUISM: Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives’, explores the concept of Personal Return on Investment (PROI), its facets and its uses. The book is a book about understanding how personal motivators impact business change initiatives and the best way to harness them for a successful and enduring change.

Official Synopsis:

Selfish Altruism concisely introduces and elaborates on Personal Return on Investment (PROI), where the investment is the personal time, effort and emotion involved with change initiatives. Using the concept of 'What's In It For Me?', Selfish Altruism explores the change failure chains and change success chains (and its causes) that are present in every change, in both personal and business scenarios.

As the author explains, personal experiences have led to a vast and varied knowledge of the book’s subject matter:

“As an instrument rated pilot, I can readily talk about constant change and the consequences of not reacting in a timely manner or not even reacting at all,” Glenner explains.

Continuing, “As a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and implementer of sound Project Management practices, I have been able to assist many companies with not only their tactical and strategic needs but even more importantly, implementing enduring changes. My focus is on the words, “enduring change”. This is not an oxymoron.”

With the current business climate still struggling to recover from the recent economic downturn, many believe a shift in loyalty can be a vital move.

“In a time of economic stagnation, sitting still is not a viable option. And while loyalty is still important, surviving and then thriving is even more important. Many well conceived change initiatives die prematurely due to an inherent misunderstanding and lack of attention given to the personal motivators in any change. And organizations must continually evolve and change to both succeed and endure,” Glenner adds.

‘SELFISH ALTRUISM: Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives’, published by BookLocker.com, is available now from Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and BookLocker.com.

About the Author: Moe Glenner
Moe Glenner is a twenty year plus veteran of the logistics and supply chain industry. Throughout this time he has served in a variety of senior management roles, including founder of 2 privately held transportation companies, Director – Global Logistics at Steel Warehouse Company and currently as President – PURElogistics, LLC (a leading supply chain consulting firm).

Mr. Glenner holds a BA – History from Northeastern Illinois University, an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Villanova. Additionally, he is an experienced instrument rated pilot. He is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows and conferences, speaking particularly on leading organizational change.