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Sell Fast USA Lends a Hand in Stopping Foreclosures Dead

Sell Fast USA offers to buy your properties in just 10 business days


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- More and more people are finding it hard to keep up with their mortgage payments these days, falling further and further behind until the banks threaten foreclosure. Sell Fast USA has the solution to this problem by offering to purchase the house and title, subject to the underlying defaulted mortgages in just 10 business days. This is a real lifeline to people who are facing the loss of their homes, many through no real fault of their own. Many people may have been mis-sold a mortgage or taken advantage of by ruthless lenders during the last great mortgage boom and are paying the price for it now in high mortgage installments and higher than average interest rates. This has resulted in payments being missed with alarming frequency and more and more foreclosures flooding an already saturated market. Sell Fast USA recognize the struggle that people are having and vow to fight the lending companies on their own turf.

How is Sell Fast USA achieving this? First, they purchase the property directly from the Seller, and thereby bypassing the traditional short selling process. Then, they attempt to purchase the first mortgage note from the bank or mortgage company. They do this by formulating a unique legal strategy for each original loan. They will look for errors, loan fraud, and other predatory lending violations made during the creation of the original loan. Sometimes a forensic audit will reveal errors of unethical lending practices. When they find the evidence, they will take on the bank or mortgage company, and leverage the banks in such a manner that it makes it difficult or impossible to foreclose. Then, they make an offer to purchase the Note directly from the lender at a significant discount. An owner can sell to Sell Fast USA owner takes 10 business days and will get a HUD 1 closing statement in the mail at closing.

Sell Fast USA is also running a successful Realtor Affiliate program. Realtors who have a long list of failed short sales or distressed properties on their books can sign up with Sell Fast USA and earn money by helping out with a guaranteed sale. They will also have access to a whole list of properties that don’t meet the requirements for Sell Fast USA and can be contacted by the Realtor for a possible listing.

Not all properties are accepted by Sell Fast USA. There are certain conditions that must be met. For example if a foreclosure sale date is to happen within 30 days, they will not accept the property. However if you are far behind on payments, it is not a problem. There are also certain US States that they will only purchase under an exception.

Sell Fast USA has been in business since 1992 and are the Nations single largest short sales buyers in volume. They come under the umbrella of parent company First Equity Trustees LLC and run a professional but friendly service. For more details contact Richard Vaughn in the Acquisition Department at (281) 407-1312, or email on