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Sell Fast USA Takes on the Big Boys

Sell Fast USA Offers an Alternative Solution to Foreclosure


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- As more and more people fall behind with their mortgage payments, foreclosure properties are flooding the market. Sell Fast USA, who come under the umbrella of First Equity Trustees LLC, are buying distressed properties directly from the owners and then taking on the lending companies to acquire the note. They promise that, should your property qualify, the buying stage can be completed within 10 working days. Once the purchase transaction is complete with the seller, Sell Fast USA takes over all the work involved in buying the note from the lenders at a discount price.

Sell Fast USA can achieve this because of their vast experience and top legal team. In many cases a set of the original loan documents are ordered and then thoroughly combed for violations, errors and unethical practices. Many people were falsely sold the wrong mortgages under bad terms during the last mortgage boom and these practices are now coming back to haunt not only the home owner but the lending companies themselves. Once they start thier legal challenges with the lender or bank, they order all collection to cease and desist, and take over contact with the bank.

Sell Fast USA also offers a Realtor Affiliate program. There are many Relators across the country who are struggling to get rid of vast amounts of short sales. Sell Fast USA affiliate program gives them the chance to remove some of these properties from their listings and earn a commission for doing so, provided their properties qualify. Realtors will also have access to a long list of properties held by Sell Fast USA that do not qualify for the buyout procedure, giving them a chance to sell the properties and make a potential listing commission.

Sell Fast USA does have strict guidelines on the properties they can and can’t accept. For example, you must be upside down on your mortgage. They also do not accept mobile homes, a duplexes, or commercial property. Generally they are looking for single family properties in generally good condition that require no deferred maintenance. If a foreclosure sale is already scheduled in less than 30 days, they will not be able to purchase from you. However, Sell Fast USA can assist with delaying the foreclosure if your goal is to remain in the property for as long as possible.

About Sell Fast USA
Sell Fast USA has been in business since 1992 and have acquired a vast amount if knowledge and experience in dealing with delinquent mortgages and distressed properties. They offer a full range of services from the complete buy out procedure right down to assisting you with delaying on a foreclosure if they can’t accept your property. For more information please contact the Acquisition Department at on (281) 407-1312 or email to