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Sell Textbooks for Cash Releases New App for iPhone and Android to Sell Text Books

The Sell Textbooks For Cash app allows individuals to scan barcodes on their old textbooks to get the best resale prices from the best online vendors.


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- The cost of being a student is always on the rise and as a result students are being stretched more than ever in their resources, often having to take on multiple part-time jobs on top of their studies to survive. One of the biggest investments for students is in textbooks which, after the semester is over, become largely useless to them. Sell Textbooks For Cash is a service that helps students re-sell their used textbooks for the best available prices in order to recoup some of their resources and lessen the financial burden. They have just released a Sell Textbooks Android app and iPhone app which does all the work on behalf of students, getting them the best deal.

The website previously used a book’s ISBN number to identify it before doing an automated search of book re-sellers to list the best prices, informing students as to the best platform to use to sell their old books. Users could then sell textbooks online by clicking through the website based service.

Now, the new iPhone and Android app uses a barcode scanner to automatically get all the information required and present the best sites direct to the mobile device, which can be clicked through to make the listing on the site of the student’s choice if they have already registered an account with that provider.

A spokesperson for Sell Textbooks For Cash explained, “Selling old textbooks to new owners has never been easier than with our new iPhone and Android apps, which have reinvented the way we people access our services. Using the new app, a simple barcode scan will automatically find the book and compare prices across different major providers like Amazon, eCampus and Rent Text and deliver ranked listings of the best prices, so students can make cash back off their old text books at the end of each semester. The app has streamlined this process when it is needed most.”

About Sell Textbooks For Cash
The Sell Textbooks For Cash search engine compares prices at all the online stores that buy textbooks to make sure students get the most possible cash for your textbooks when selling them. Sell Textbooks For Cash has been helping students get the most cash for their old textbooks for over a year now. We have helped students sell over $100,000 worth of their textbooks. For more information, please visit: