Sell Your Mortgage Notes

"Sell Your Mortgage Notes" Launched Offering a Lump Sum of Cash for Mortgage Notes Collecting Monthly Payments is now open for business offering quick and honest quotes for lump cash in exchange for mortgage notes and trust deeds collecting monthly payments. The response from customers has been very enthusiastic to the combination of great prices and solid customer service.


Ventura, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- There's many cases where a person receiving monthly payments on a mortgage note or trust deed would much rather have a lump sum of cash all at once rather than collecting their money much more slowly. “Sell Your Mortgage Notes” is a new company that makes the process of selling a mortgage note not only more simple, but often much more profitable than using other resources. The company prides themselves on being honest and upfront, two qualities that have quickly earned them enthusiastic feedback from early clients of the service.

“There's plenty of reasons why a person would prefer to have a lump some of cash rather than continue to receive monthly payments on a note,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We offer as much information as possible, without any obligation to help meet the needs of people who are exploring this option. We're all about delivering a win/win experience for everyone involved in the process.”

According to the company, their emphasis is in providing a quick, honest and fair transaction that will provide their customers with the lump some of cash they require. This service has been winning their “Sell Your Mortgage Notes” a remarkably good reputation across the board.

Elaine G., recently remarked, “We were collecting on a note and some life situations came up for our family where we really needed a chunk of cash quickly. It was something that couldn't be avoided and came through for us when we needed it most. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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About formed this idea and business in order to help people who want to turn the monthly payments into a lump sum of money today, rather than waiting years for the payments to come in. Providing value and helping people is the heart of our business. They listen to the needs of their clients and come up with a flexible solution custom tailored to each client.