SellCardBTC Helps Buyers Get Better Rates for iTunes Gift Cards and Bitcoins

SellCardBTC is an online portal with a difference. It is known for offering better rates to those who want to sell gift cards and Bitcoins at higher rates than prevalent in the market.


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2019 -- SellCardBTC is one of a kind online portal. It is quite popular among customers from all strata of society from Ghana, Nigeria and China for offering higher rates for the iTunes and other gift cards than other players in the market. Equally enticing is the fact that it also buys Bitcoins at higher rates than its competitors. To get the best prices for gift cards and Bitcoins quickly, all that customers have to do is to create a trading dashboard.

With the intent to put some light on the gift card and Bitcoins selling process, the spokesperson of SellCardBTC stated, "Since we have been in the market for a considerable time now and offer better rates for gift cards as well as Bitcoins, we are increasingly becoming popular among the traders belonging to China, Ghana and Nigeria respectively. We are a reliable and trusted online source that intends to make the trading process simple, smooth and hassle-free for all. Hence, customers can count on us for trading Bitcoins and iTunes gift cards for availing quick cash."

SellCardBTC is all about quality of services, reliability and affordability. To enjoy the quick iTunes cards and Bitcoins selling process, all that a user needs is a trading dashboard. After that, trading is as easy as it gets. Owing to these reasons, ReliableCounter described SellCardBTC as the best Paxful alternative. Another reason for the popularity of SellCardBTC is that neither Afrbtc nor Paxful or any other similar website can match its prices. This speaks volumes about the reputation, trust and credibility that SellCardBTC enjoys in the market.

Talking about the way gift cards and Bitcoins are sold at SellCardBTC, the spokesperson further stated, "Whether a customer wants to sell iTunes gift cards, Sephora, Amazon, Steam or any other gift card, he should necessarily have a trading dashboard. The interested users need to create an account on the website. Further, those who want to sell iTunes gift cards or Bitcoins through Whatsapp can get in touch with us on this number +8801887470099. On this number, we answer all the queries customers have at any point in time and enable them to trade gift cards easily.

When dealing with SellCardBTC, customers are free to choose either of the two ways based on what suits them the best. The online portal allows customers to trade various gift cards for easy money. The range of gift cards includes Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Gift Cards, iTunes gift cards, Sephora gift cards, google play gift cards, Steam gift cards, etc. The online portal pays in Naira, RMB and Cedis. Therefore, those who want to know how to redeem iTunes gift card or sell iTunes card can reach out to SellCardBTC.

About SellCardBTC
SellCardBTC leads as an online portal when it comes to buying gift cards and Bitcoins at higher rates than the competition. The online portal remains the most preferred resource among customers in China, Ghana and Nigeria who want to trade their gift cards and Bitcoins for quick cash. Being dubbed as the best Paxful alternative by ReliableCounter, SellCardBTC remains the best choice for customers who want to trade iTunes gift card for quick cash.

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