Sellcardbtc Is a Leading Gift Card Trading Website in Nigeria, Ghana and China Respectively

SellCardBTC is a reliable gift card trading website that allows its users to sell gift cards in Nigeria, Ghana and China at incredible rates.


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2018 -- SellCardBTC has earned a reputation of being the number one gift card trading website in Nigeria, Ghana and China respectively. It is a team of seasoned gift card trading and bitcoin trading professionals dedicated to enabling people to get the best value for their gift cards and coins. Users can count on this reliable and secure platform for selling gift cards, bitcoins, and exchanging iTunes anytime and anywhere. SellCardBTC as of now has completed 5000+ trades, has 1500+ registered users, and has successfully made 700+ customers happy and satisfied. This impressive track record is a testimony to this gift card trading website's reputation.

Answering a query related to SellCardBTC, one of its executives commented, "Many people ask how trustful is SellCardBTC and all we ask them to see the genuine reviews that we post on our website. We have created a page comprising reviews, which our users drop right after completing a trade. Our aim is to offer nothing but only the best of services so that our users recommend their friends to trade with us. Besides reviews given by our users, we have received many valuable recommendations that speak volumes about our reputation and reliability."

According to Reliablecounter, SellCardBTC is the most legit gift card buyer in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries offering the best rates. It has been described as the best Paxful alternative for the rates it offers are far better than what Paxful, Afrbtc or any other website offers to those selling their gift cards. Likewise, according to CryptoCoinReport, exchanging iTunes gift cards for bitcoins is easiest on its website when searching for websites like Paxful. Another top platform in China, OverUC, recommended SellCardBTC as the best website to sell iTunes gift cards for cash. SellCardBTC offers the best rates because it is a direct gift card loader that surpasses all middlemen.

The executive added, "We provide our users with two options – trading on website and trading on WhatsApp. Following simple steps, they can easily trade on our website within a few minutes. After registering on our website and logging in to their account, users can see cards rates in Naira, Cedis, RMB and bitcoins on the dashboard. If a certain card is not listed in the rate table, it cannot be traded on the site. Users can look for that card on our WhatsApp for trading it. Those who prefer to trade on WhatsApp can contact us at +8801887470099 for instantaneous trading."

SellCardBTC is indeed a great platform for those wanting to sell iTunes gift card for the best available value. iTunes gift card rates are not only constant but this online platform strives to give the best gift card rates to its users always. As it frequently updates rates on the dashboard so that users can log in to their dashboard for checking current rates.

About SellCardBTC
SellCardBTC is a reputed platform that is renowned for offering the best rates to its users for selling their gift cards and bitcoins. Its website has an easy to use interface and it is filled with information that helps keep people informed about trading. One can count on SellCardBTC for seeking information regarding how to redeem iTunes gift card and more.

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