Sellcardbtc Is Offering a Platform for Individuals to Sell Gift Cards


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2019 -- Sellcardbtc is a well-known platform that specializes in the gift card trading arena in counties such as China, Ghana, and Nigeria respectively. The company focuses on giving clients value for their money as it relates to gift cards and bitcoins, and this has seen them become a favorite among many. Through their site, one can conduct their transactions online where they can sell iTunes Cards, Sephora Cards, Bitcoins as well as Amazon gift cards. They offer fast trade times with the average time being five minutes, and clients get to enjoy instant payment of funds. They build all their operations on trust, making them a trustworthy platform to trade on.

Speaking about their services, the company's spokesperson commented, "With the rise of the digital era, it's becoming harder by the day to find a platform that will give you the best value if you're looking to sell your gift cards. Many are times that individuals will run into scams or choose to partner with companies that won't compensate them as required. At Sellcardbtc, we seek to eradicate this burden for our clients as we understand the importance of gift cards. Over the years, we've facilitated thousands of transactions, and we've managed to satisfy all our clients without exception. We work within the industry guidelines and are always ready to address our clients' concerns. Regardless of the gift card that you're looking to sell, you can be sure that we'll help you out with this endeavor."

Clients looking to sell Amazon gift card for cash can do so through Sellcardbtc. The company has been buying Amazon gift cards from individuals and understands what's required in this arena. They offer two options for one to sell their Amazon gift cards, and these are through Whatsapp or their website. Regardless of the option that one uses, they can be sure that they will have a seamless process throughout the whole transaction, making the platform a worthy company to partner with on this exercise.

Talking about Paxful, the company's spokesperson added, "Since we made our entrance into the gift cards industry, we've worked towards becoming a top leader in this segment and have been able to achieve this goal. Today, one never has to worry about how to create Paxful account as according to Reliable Counter, we've been described as the best Paxful alternative – which has been propelled by the fact that we buy gift cards and bitcoins at affordable rates compared to that of Afrbtc, Paxful and other websites that indulge in this trade. We grasp the ins and outs of this realm, which puts us in a better position to address all your requirements."

Sellcardbtc has so far made it easy for individuals looking to sell iTunes card in China, Ghana, and Nigeria. With their platform, clients can make their transactions just by the click of a button or through the use of the phone at the comforts of their location. One can make as many transactions as possible and expect to get the best deals when they choose this platform.

About Sellcardbtc
Sellcardbtc is a Bangladesh-based company that buys gift cards, with the aim of providing the best value for money for their clients. They deal with Google Play gift cards, Steam gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and clients get guaranteed exceptional deals.

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