SellCardBTC Offering Online Conversions of Steam and iTunes Gift Cards to Bitcoin and Cash


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2019 -- SellCardBTC is a trading website that was developed by a team of gift card enthusiasts and technology experts who wanted to simplify the gift card trading process for all sellers in Nigeria, China, and Ghana respectively. The goal for the establishment of the platform was to eliminate all risks and frustrations, which most individuals who want to redeem their gift cards for money always go through. Today, SellCardBTC is proud of living up to their dreams as they have taken over the local markets that they have focused on as the number one gift card trading platform.

Speaking about how they have managed to floor all the competition, the company's spokesperson said, "Our establishment was on a solid platform that sought to give our clients the best of both worlds by allowing them to instantly redeem their gift cards while receiving top value from each exchange. In finding the perfect balance between these conflicting goals, we have continually risen above the limits that have for long held back the niche segment. This has been possible by removing the middleman from the equation as we are the direct buyers of all gift cards that are traded on our website."

Since its introduction to the market ten years ago, Bitcoin has been the most sought-after cryptocurrency that has led to global interest. It is, as such, not surprising that more people are looking on how to convert iTunes gift card to Bitcoin and SellCardBTC has taken the initiative of being an answer to this market need. The platform has through the incorporation of the gift card to Bitcoin exchange services broken limits to how their clients can gain value from the online exchange service.

Talking about the most effective way sell Steam gift card in Nigeria and Ghana, the company's spokesperson said, "You do not have to keep all those unused and unwanted Steam gift cards when you could easily gain value from them by redeeming them online. We give you a highly secured platform for making an exchange that will take you less than five minutes to complete and receive your payments. The best part is you never have to worry about the value of the Steam gift card as we accept all denominations and give you the best rates for each."

Apple users understand the importance of iTunes gift cards that make them easily make purchases off the store and have the fun they desire. Still, there are moments when one would instead trade iTunes gift card, and in such scenarios, SellCardBTC is a reliable partner. The platform gives all iTunes gift card traders the freedom to either trade on their website or use their Whatsapp page for the trade that will be facilitated by one of their agents.

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SellCardBTC is the most popular and trusted gift card trading platform that has massively grown through their focus on providing traders in China, Ghana, and Nigeria with instant exchange and the best value for their gift cards.

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