Sellcardbtc Offering the Best Value on Itunes Gift Card and Other Gift Cards Trading

SellCardBTC, operating from Nigeria, Ghana and China, is helping its customers to conveniently sell and convert their iTunes and other gift cards at incredible rates.


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2019 -- SellCardBTC is a team of gift card trading and bitcoin trading professionals who offer their customers the best value for their gift cards and coins. The service provider operates the leading gift card trading website in Nigeria, Ghana, and China respectively. SellCardBTC exchanges various gift cards that include iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and Google Play gift cards. The service provider also helps in the trading of Steam gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Gift Cards and more.

At a recently held industry event, the spokesperson of SellCardBTC asserted, "Apart from gift cards, we buy bitcoins at good rates from our customers. We pay them in naira, cedis, bitcoins and RMB, whichever they prefer. The trading simply takes an average time of five minutes, and we offer instant payment of funds. In order to protect our customers from the gift card rippers and scammers carting away their cards, we provide a trusted online platform where they can sell their iTunes and other gift cards easily and securely."

SellCardBTC operates a genuine trading platform that is easy to use, and its customers can trade their gift cards from anywhere and at any time, online or offline. According to Reliable counter, SellCardBTC is the Most Legit Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries, with best rates. Likewise, according to Crypto Coin Report, exchanging iTunes gift cards for bitcoins is easiest on its website. Another top platform in China called OverUC has recommended SellCardBTC as the best website to sell iTunes gift cards for cash.

The spokesperson also informed, "All credible recommendations we have received is due to our good exchange rates and unfailing payments. For trading purposes, we offer an easy option to our customers to contact our professionals on WhatsApp. However, our customers must ensure that their card has not been redeemed previously. They simply need to confirm the gift card rates and be ready to trade with us. For those who want to convert iTunes cards to Cedis, our website is an effective medium."

If customers who want to sell iTunes card in Nigeria convert the same into bitcoin on another platform, then their money might reduce. This may happen due to the varying value of bitcoin. On the other hand, if they sell gift cards for cedis, SellCardBTC provides them higher value. On its online platform, the service provider displays the updated gift card rates for all types of conversions. However, the sellers must comply with the terms and conditions of SellCardBTC in order to trade on this platform.

About SellCardBTC
SellCardBTC is a reputed gift card trading website operating in Nigeria, Ghana, and China. The service provider allows its customers to sell a variety of gift cards on its online platform. For those wondering on how to redeem iTunes gift card or any other type of gift card, SellCardBTC facilitates direct gift card loading, unlike middlemen. Additionally, the service provider offers the best gift card exchange rates, whether in naira or cedis. Customers can do the trading 24x7 on SellCardBTC.