Sellcardbtc Offers a Platform for Redeeming All Popular Gift Cards for Bitcoin and Cash


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2019 -- SellCardBTC has set itself in the modern market as the go-to platform for customers that want the best returns for their unused and unwanted gift cards. The trading website is run and managed by a team of seasoned specialists whose focus was in the creation of an easy to use and reliable solution that is open to everyone. Currently, SellCardBTC has its focus on traders in Nigeria, Ghana, and China, where there have been high demands for trustworthy gift card trading solutions.

Talking about how they have addressed the fears of the average gift card trader, the company's spokesperson said, "There are lots of horror stories that continue to trend when it comes to the trading of gift cards as lots of scammers have discovered it is a channel for taking advantage of innocent traders. We, therefore, understand your need to be cautious, and that is why we have developed a platform that is 100% secured and aligned with your needs. All the information you require to give you peace of mind is offered on our website and is backed by independent reviews from our past clients."

When it comes to personal care and beauty products, Sephora is a global leader loved for the extensive variety of top-notch products that they offer to their clients. However, there are times when one would rather sell Sephora gift card and have its cash value than trade with it, and at such times, SellCardBTC comes to the rescue. The platform accepts all unused Sephora gift cards regardless of their face value and has the best exchange rates that will see every client gain top value from the trade.

Speaking further about the joys of trading with them, the company's spokesperson added, "We value your time and to ensure you never doubt our authenticity, we offer the fastest transactions in the market. To exchange iTunes gift card for cash, all you have to do is create an account with us, and once this is done, all you need is an average five minutes trade time to complete the transaction. The funds will then be immediately sent to your account and can be withdrawn for any intended use."

In an age where crypto-currency has become the trend, there should never be a limitation to how one can add more funds to their account. SellCardBTC is resolving all concerns on how to convert iTunes gift card to Bitcoin as they facilitate instant exchanges through their website and Whatsapp page. The company introduced this feature for all-inclusivity and to break all limitations when it comes to the trading of gift cards. SellCardBTC has greatly simplified the transaction, and it takes the same short duration that a similar exchange for cash would take without any inconveniences.

About SellCardBTC
SellCardBTC has given all gift card owners the freedom to have a hassle-free exchange of these highly valued cards for cash or Bitcoin without having to take unnecessary risks in a market that is filled with lots of scammers.

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