Sellcardbtc Providing the Best Exchange Rates on the Sale of Itunes Gift Cards

SellCardBTC is offering the most competitive market rates for people who want to sell their iTunes gift cards for cash on its safe and secure online trading platform.


Dhaka, Bangladesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2019 -- SellCardBTC operates an online trading platform where people can transact their gift cards for cash and bitcoins. They can also sell their bitcoins online or offline with SellCardBTC. The service provider runs its trading website in Nigeria, Ghana, and China respectively. However, people can transact from anywhere. The service provider also gives its customers an option of trading on WhatsApp by sending a message, after which its agent reaches back to them. SellCardBTC completes all the transactions within about five minutes.

The spokesperson of SellCardBTC in a recent public interview revealed, "We not only make fast payments but also offer the best exchange rates on gift cards like the iTunes gift card, Walmart gift card, Target gift card, and Steam gift card. Reliablecounter has described our portal as the best Paxful alternative for this reason. We also accept the Amazon gift card, Sephora gift card, and Google Play gift card. While our customers can exchange their cards for bitcoins, they can also go for payments in RMB, BTC, naira and cedis. We ensure secure transactions on our site."

According to Reliablecounter, SellCardBTC is the Most Legit Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries. Likewise, according to Crypto Coin Report, exchanging iTunes gift cards for bitcoins is easiest on the SellCardBTC website. Another top platform in China, OverUC, recommends SellCardBTC as the best website to sell iTunes gift cards for cash. The service provider's good gift card rates and unfailing payments have got it these recommendations. SellCardBTC runs its portal 24 x 7 and keeps updating the exchange rates.

The spokesperson also stated, "We are the direct gift card loaders, as we make use of every gift card ourselves, unlike middlemen. Middlemen sell to us at the best rates, keep their profits, and give low rates to customers. On the other hand, we give the real value of people's gift cards. Selling iTunes gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana may not be an entirely rosy business, owing to its complexities. Besides it not being straightforward, there are countless dealers wanting to scam people of their iTunes cards, without giving them what they truly deserve."

To its customers, who want to sell Steam gift card or who wonder how much is $100 iTunes card in Nigeria are for, SellCardBTC assures of the true value of their card that is offered without removing the dubious middleman commissions. The service provider only accepts valid iTunes gift cards that have not been redeemed by anyone else. The direct customer of SellCardBTC has to be the one who scratches the pin code area on the gift card before the codes are revealed.

About SellCardBTC
SellCardBTC is a popular gift card trading portal that has been diligently doing gift card trading over the years. The service provider lets its customers sell Steam gift card, iTunes gift card, and several other cards in exchange for cash or bitcoins. SellCardBTC has well defined policies with regard to gift card trading on its portal. Customers having valid gift cards can confirm the payment rates and trade them online or offline.