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Selling Insurance Is Not Just About Buying Leads, It Is About Believing in Succeeding


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2016 -- While an insurance agent usually needs to buy leads to make his or her business grow, selling is not just about buying leads.

Running a business, particularly if that business happens to sell insurance, is not just about making sure there is a constant flow of leads coming in on a regular basis. It is about an agent/agency owner with big goals and a big vision for the future.

"True enough, big goals and big vision can fade with the reality of making a living selling insurance, but it can be re-ignited," said Clelland Green, president and CEO, "Part of having big goals and a big vision for your agency does revolve around buying leads. They are one of the focal points of an organized and well thought-out business plan for steady growth."

There is an old saying that those who dream and think big, and envision what success is going to look like, do manifest that reality. Although leads help form the backbone of a successful insurance agency, they are not the sole reason a business flourishes.

"Creativity in marketing is a must to grow an insurance agency, and that means setting goals, dreaming big and working leads. It's one big package and each part compliments the other to ensure growth," said Green.

Running an agency can also mean getting bogged down in the little details that are mostly busy work rather than business growth. Learn to differentiate between busy-ness and business. Throw in some smart moves with marketing dollars and working leads in an organized and consistent manner, and it all comes together at the end of the day.

"Ignore the fact that stall points may happen along the way. It just takes perserverance and the drive to succeed to get past those sticking points. You can do it, or you would not have chosen to sell insurance for a living," Green said.

The key to selling insurance is to know what action to take, when to take it and how to make a bold move that pays off now and for the future. Running an insurance agency is all about bold moves, smart marketing, buying solid, pre-screened leads and working them with dedication and integrity. Therein lies the key to a successful agency.

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