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Selling Online Just Became a Lot Easier with Online Auction University Invitation

In today’s uncertain economic times many people are looking for reliable, legitimate ways to create extra income. Over the past eight years, Online Auction University has been teaching students around the world to create additional income with eBay and online auctions websites.


Georgetown, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Many people have raved about how online auctions and online selling can be a profitable venture for some online entrepreneurs. Despite the skepticism, it is possible to make a significant amount of money from online auction sales - Make Money with Ebay

Online Auction University invites people from all over to come learn how it is possible to make a comfortable living from online. It is not easy to just wake up one day and decide to become an influential seller on right away. It takes time. That being said, it is helpful to receive information from an eBay PowerSeller that knows just what it takes to become successful with a business on eBay. Exclusive tips and valuable resources will be provided by this webinar in order to enable people to become profitable with their own endeavors just like webinar host Dale Calvert.

Many people will be surprised to know just how many people are very successful selling online. Popular online auction site, eBay, has over 40,000 people who are currently making $100,000 or more from their eBay sales. While that definitely takes a while to accomplish, it is most definitely possible with the help of this new webinar.

Online Auction U is America’s #1 online auction trading and consulting company. The resources learned by the webinar are greatly appreciated as they help people succeed with their online business. Online Auction is sure that they will have tools and information that will be helpful in learning how to become a profitable seller on

Sometimes, people just need a little extra boost to get a hold of the information they need to succeed. If that is the case, check out Online Auction University. Visit now and learn about how this webinar can be useful to starting a profitable online business venture.

About Online Auction University
Online Auction University was started in 2004 by entrepreneur Dale Calvert. OAU has helped thousands of students around the world create profitable eBay Businesses from home.

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