imlioyim jamir Reveals Better Alternative to Lapsing or Surrendering Back the Insurance Policy


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 --, a leading marketing corporation that refers qualified life insurance policies to a licensed entity has revealed a better alternative for insurance holders who no longer need it or find it too expensive. Usually insurance holders who cancel or surrender their policy receive a lump sum of money for the surrender value at most. However, a better alternative for insurance holders is to sell their current policy to competitive bidders in order to cash in on the value of their life insurance in a life settlement deal.

According to the information provided at the site there are a number of benefits that people can gain from selling their life insurance policy instead of letting the insurance policy lapse or surrendering it for the cash value. For instance, if a person cannot afford to pay their premiums the policy will lapse and will not receive any benefit. Fortunately, one can stay away from this situation by selling their policy to the highest bidder. however, the experts informed the policy holders to first recognize the difference between the reasonable market value and the surrender value of their insurance policy before making an important decision concerning their financial issues. According to the information provided at the site, a study conducted by the Wharton school in 2002 has shown that there has been a huge difference between the fair market value and surrender value for policy holders. The study found out that the surrender value amounted up to a sum of 93.4 million while the fair market value amounted up to 336.3 million dollars when combined.

People who can no longer afford to pay their premium may want to consider selling their policy for cash instead of allowing it to lapse and receive nothing. The information provided at the site added that the fair market value for a policy is often higher than the surrender value, which makes selling the policy an economical and practical choice.

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