Sellpin Offers a Free Pin-to-pin Selling Platform Where Individual Pinterest Users Can Sell Tangible Goods to Other Pinterest Users is the first secure pin-to-pin selling website for Pinterest users, serving as a safe and easy storefront where other Pinterest users can buy items.


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- According to an Experian Digital Marketing report, is the fastest-growing site in Internet history, but thanks to a new website called, existing Pinterest users are now able to sell tangible goods they currently own and pin them onto Pinterest.

“SellPin works similar to eBay or Amazon, it is a buy and or sell marketplace for tangible goods owned by Pinterest users,” said Andrew Weyrich, founder and ceo of “We’ve created the first secure pin-to-pin selling website for Pinterest users. Most individual Pinterest users don't have their own store or way to take credit cards. SellPin is a safe and easy storefront where other Pinterest users can buy your items.” Both eBay and Amazon don’t integrate deeply with Pinterest. SellPin does., according to Weyrich, is the premier website offering an eBay and Amazon-style selling platform for Pinterest users.

SellPin, however, could prove to have perfect timing based on the amount of sales and ecommerce numbers that could directly benefit sellers on SellPin.

In fact, as it relates to SellPin, Pinterest earns more e-commerce revenue than Facebook and Twitter, states analysis from Convertro, which tracks the marketing performance for its clients across various channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Convertro found that Pinterest was generating up to four times the revenue per click as Twitter and 27 percent more than Facebook.

“This is a huge opportunity for sellers, in addition, it’s absolutely free to list all items on SellPin,” Weyrich said.

The research from Convertro may also signal more good news for SellPin users: Pinterest is the fastest growing social media traffic source for e-commerce in terms of revenue, having grown from 1.2 percent of social media revenue in quarter two of 2011 to 17 percent in quarter one of 2012.

“Without a doubt these sales and e-commerce referral numbers should intrigue Pinterest page owners to sign up and sell on SellPin because we provide a safe place for individual Pinterest users to sell tangible goods to other Pinterest users,” Weyrich pointed out. “ is also giving sellers a break with a more aggressive option than eBay or Amazon, that charge high listing and selling fees due to their duopoly. Bottom line: SellPin works with Pinterest and it is the best place to sell items to Pinterest users.”

Weyrich stressed that unlike eBay and Amazon, it’s free to list items on SellPin and the item stays up until it sells.

“The percentage we take when the item sells is much lower than eBay,” said Weyrich. “Charges on eBay are between 9 to 13 percent of an item’s final value, not to mention all their nickel and dime listing fees. During the first 60 days of SellPin’s launch, we are offering a 3.5 percent selling fee if you also post your listing to Facebook or Twitter.”

Weyrich added that SellPin also has a special launch promotion of a free vacation to the Palms Resort in Las Vegas to the 777th item that is posted for sale on SellPin.

As to why any Pinterest users should sell on, Weyrich said, “SellPin is utilizing Pinterest’s explosive traffic of 104 million unique visitors per month, not to mention that 21 percent of current Pinterest users have purchased something through Pinterest. That is a number that Facebook and Twitter can’t even come close to. Amazingly, the average price for something selling for on Pinterest is $80.00. This is nearly double the industry average.”

About SellPin
SellPin provides a selling platform to existing Pinterst users to sell the items in their pins to other Pinterest users. SellPin works similar to Ebay or Amazon in that it is a buy/sell marketplace for tangible goods owned by Pinterest users.

The vision for SellPin is to create the first 'pin to pin' selling platform for Pinterest and its users. SellPin makes it easy for you to enter the world of social e-commerce by helping you to sell on Pinterest in minutes.