SelpHbalance Provides a Digital pH Meter for Testing Water, More


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2016 -- Consumers should not fall prey into inaccurate pH test strips and pH papers that are not only disorganized but are providing unreliable results. Instead of risking the health about drinking water, pools and other substances with poor pH, today is the time that consumers should invest money in a product that has been proven.

A company known as the SelpHbalance introduces the digital pH meter known to have high accuracy with ranges from 0.00 to 14.00. The product also has an auto calibration feature when testing the water, pool, food and more substances when it comes to the pH levels.

Owners of swimming pools and aquariums or health-conscious individuals should try this SelpHbalance digital pH meter that is offered on Amazon.

"Using messy test strips and chemical solutions is so yesterday, a hassle and just not really accurate," the product information stated on Amazon. "Why not up your pH game with an easy breezy digital pH meter?"

What makes the product unique among others? The selpHbalance digital pH meter has been provided with a one-touch, accurate, reliable and organized results for pH testing. Available on Amazon for just $29.95, it even includes a carrying storage case and three extra packs of solution of buffering.

Furthermore, the product is very easy to use. A person with the selpHbalance digital pH meter only needs to press the button when the product is testing the substance and the pH reading will show up in an accurate digital display. The hassles of finding the color match of the pH with the color chart are gone. Plus, the device has an auto calibration feature that offers super accurate results.

Customers are confident in expressing their satisfaction for the product. One Amazon user said, "I have always hated the pH test strips which are difficult to read in the best circumstances so I decided to try a digital meter. I am so glad I decide to because this thing is so much easier to use than the strips."

About SelpHbalance
SelpHbalance focuses on longevity and health awareness in the United States. With the growing trend of health awareness in the 21st century, SelpHbalance contributes to and promotes longevity so that consumers can have a healthy lifestyle using their products.

Amazon offers the digital pH meter for a price of $18.77 with free shipping on orders more than $49. It is time that you start trying the product today for better benefits. For more information about its features, check out its Amazon page or visit its official website to read customer reviews.

For more information about the product, visit their Amazon page. Check out its official website to learn more about selpHbalance's digital pH meter.

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