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Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- In many articles about testosterone levels and the SelpHbalance testosterone booster for men, there are tips about increasing levels of testosterone among men. But right now, this article will discuss what men should not do to keep their testosterone levels at bay.

Mixed martial arts expert Traver Boehm from the website Breaking Muscle shared some insights on what men should not do to keep their testosterone levels right. Some of these are about the careless choice of supplements and lack of sleep.

Avoid buying steroids

Boehm strongly advised against buying supplements that offer steroid components. These supplements are reportedly filled with stimulants and caffeine. These can be great during workouts, but because they energize men, they can affect sleep.

"Save your money, buy vegetables," he wrote.

Avoid skipping sleep

Having enough sleep can maintain testosterone levels. The website noted a study that showed sleep-deprived men can have less testosterone than those who have enough sleep every day.

"Although four hours versus eight hours is a big difference, skipping sleep is bound to affect you in a number of negative ways, especially in testosterone production," Boehm stated in the article.

Avoid consuming too much sugar

The article also made mention of a research that showed the relationship between sugar intake and testosterone levels. The study indicated that sugar ingestion can decrease testosterone levels by up to 25 percent.

The website, though, also told men to take herbs such as the horny goat weed along with their diet. Fortunately, the SelpHbalance testosterone booster and male enhancer have the natural ingredients and herbs that men need to regulate testosterone levels.

The product has various benefits should us lessening fatigue, reducing stress, improving muscle mass and increase sexual libido.

"Whether testosterone supplements, natural or otherwise, are right for you is still going to be a very personal decision. If you're a competing athlete then, even more, thought should go into the equation. For many people, feeling their best is their number one goal and a worthy one at that," Breaking Muscle stated.

SelpHbalance is a reputable brand that offers products for health awareness and longevity. For more information about the male enhancer, visit the Amazon page.

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