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Sema Connect Introduces Remote Charging Feature to Make Electric Vehicle Charging Easier


Bowie, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Sema Connect, the third largest EV charging company in the U.S., has just launched their new Remote Charging capability on all public electric vehicle charging stations throughout the United States. The revolutionary new service allows drivers to quickly charge their electric vehicles by simply logging on to SemaConnect with their smartphone. The service can be used 24/7 and does not require drivers to swipe a credit card.

Electric vehicle drivers can utilize the new Remote Charging feature when visiting a SemaConnect ChargePro station by visiting www.semacharge.com with their smartphone and selecting “start charging now.” They can then enter the station’s serial number and their credit card details. Once confirmed, a driver will receive remote authorization and can plug in their car to begin charging immediately.

Unlike other companies that require a membership account to activate a charging session, SemaConnect allows drivers to quickly start charging without creating a membership account. Because this service is fully automated, drivers can use it 24/7, without any hassle or waiting.

With gas prices continuing to fluctuate and more people becoming environmentally conscientious about lessening their carbon footprint, electric vehicle sales are on the rise. Even President Barack Obama is getting involved setting a goal to get one million hybrid and electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

To meet the growing demands of electric vehicle drivers, SemaConnect continues to expand their commercial EV charging stations with more than 500 charging stations for electric vehicles nationwide from D.C. to Hawaii and growing.

According to Mahi Reddy, CEO and founder of SemaConnect, the company continuously strives to develop newer, better ways to assist EV drivers with all of their charging needs.

Reddy states, “We’re focused on building more products that make it easier than ever to own and charge an electric vehicle. As the EV Charging industry matures, we’re aggressively building more smart and efficient ways for station owners to manage their stations, and for electric vehicle drivers to utilize them.”

For more information about the new Remote Charging capability or to find an electric vehicle charging station, visit http://www.semaconnect.com

About SemaConnect
SemaConnect is a leading developer and producer of smart networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and sophisticated electric vehicle software for station owners and EV drivers. The company launched in 2008 with the first ChargePro™ 620 edition, and EV software called SemaCharge. Despite not receiving large government stimulus funds for producing EV stations, SemaConnect has tenaciously persevered with organic commercial sales that displays true testament to the growing EV charging market.


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