Semi and Big Truck Leasing for Bad Credit Customers with Easy Rig Lease


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- Over the years, it has become hard for clients with bad credit scores to find an automobile service that will lease a vehicle for them. Due to economic inflation and downfall of the US, companies have been more cynical regarding what type of clients they do business with. But Easy Rig Solution deals with bad credit clients and has provided them with an affable and easy solution for truck leasing.

Easy Rig Leasing specializes at financing in big trucks and semi trucks for leasing purposes. Their clever modus operandi has been crafted to suit the needs of bad credit clients. A spokesperson for the company explained about how their procedures are suitable for bad credit clients “We understand that bad credit clients are going through a rough financial patch and the main reason for them to be leasing a truck is for business. We have made it very simple for bad credit clients to lease vehicles through us.”

They have made it easy for clients to lease big truck or semi trucks and have further simplified the process by limiting the payment to only one installment per month. “Since most of our clients are leasing a truck for business purposes so they can cover up the financial crisis, we have made the process even simpler for them. Easy Rig Leasing doesn’t require any down payment of money down prior to leasing. We finance the clients for vehicles without charging any initial sum of money as down payment”

With there being no initial down payment, it has become even easier for bad credit clients to lease a semi or big truck. As described on their semi truck financing website, big truck leasing is very simple with Easy Rig Leasing. The monthly installments after leasing are low and something that a bad credit client will able to pay without any sort of inconvenience. “After we finance our clients for a big or semi truck, the payment is collected in monthly installments, which are low and budgetary. Unlike other companies, these installments can be varied according to the client’s wherewithal to make everything more affable for the client and the company itself.”

About Easy Rig Lease
Vehicle leasing has never been this easy and consumer friendly. Easy Rig Lease stands up to their name and has brought the entire process down to very few simple steps. Their extensive range of inventory can be viewed at the website; they have all sorts of old and new models in stock available for leasing. Being one of the very few vehicle leasing firm in New York that deal with bad credit clients, Easy Rig Leasing is the ultimate choice out there for good credit and bad credit clients both.

Media Contact: Leonard Crandall
Location: New York, NY