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SemiElectronics Introduces a New Way of Finding Electronic Component Products


St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- SemiElectronics, located on the web at, has made a name for itself as the world’s largest database of information on electronic component suppliers. In the past, however, SemiElectronics offered search on its database only by manufacturer due to the fact that most users were electrical engineers looking for products by specific companies in the industry. Now, other professionals, electrical engineering students and individuals are beginning to recognize the value of SemiElectronics as a rich database of information on electronics, so the company has decided to introduce a new feature to broaden search capabilities.

SemiElectronics users can now search for suppliers by product type or name rather than by manufacturer to locate particular types of components. However, in keeping with the SemiElectronics tradition of being the definitive database on electronics components, the search does not just involve locating a product. Instead, SemiElectronics also offers users a list of “SemiElectronics Preferred” suppliers based on various criteria. This allows users to select manufactures that are the best of the best for a given product type.

How a manufacturer achieves “SemiElectronics Preferred” status for a product group is based on several factors, the first being product fit. This ensures that the manufacturer has the breadth of products to service a product group. The second is based on the number of distributors and lead times for a product group. This assures product availability. Another factor is the supplier’s financial health, which is based on the amount of time the supplier has been in business and the supplier’s financial information with respect to their peers. Community feedback also plays a role in the rating, with community polls taken on candidates for product groups. The SemiElectronics social community is able to rate manufacturers on several factors that contribute to a community rating. Those four scores, in turn, are factored into the overall rating given to the manufacturer by SemiElectronics. That overall rating determines if a manufacturer is eligible for preferred status for that product group.

With SemiElectronics, users who are looking for AC/DC power supplies, LCD displays, LEDs, MOVs, microcontrollers, fuses and many other electronics components are now able to select quality component manufacturers for their applications and designs. The new “Products” menu is a convenient way for professionals in the electronics field to find the right items for their projects while ensuring that they are buying from the very best suppliers in the industry and from those manufacturers whose reputations as industry leaders instill confidence in purchasers.

About SemiElectronics
SemiElectronics is the world’s largest database of semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers. This powerful directory is aimed at professionals in the electronics industry such as electrical engineers, technicians, buyers and students who need to communicate effectively with industry suppliers. Manufacturer profiles allow users to find quick information about the makers of quality electronics components and free search facilities provide for quick location of parts and services.

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