Regalo Manila

Send a Blue Rose to the Philippines to Make Someone Feel Special


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- Now it is possible to send a blue rose to the Philippines. Although this rose species can be considered as quite rare, there is now an online flower shop that caters to Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs and foreigners who have loved ones in the Philippines. This is Regalo Manila – a company that sends gifts to the Philippines through an online medium that accepts order from here and abroad.

Regalo Manila is unique because it can accept orders from an online medium. It accepts credit cards through a service called that faciailiates all payments and credit card information so that the company does not need to deal with all the confidential information. This is how the company grew to be one of the most trusted online gift shops in the Philippines.

Among their selection are some blue roses. They have included this in their selection not only because blue roses are quite popular but also because these roses are quite the favorite of a lot of their recipients. They are expecting their general number of orders to increase especially this February now that they have blue roses in their roster.

Blue roses are special not only because they are rare but also because they can be amazingly unique and beautiful. What is surprising is that they don’t exist naturally. Blue roses are created with a simple dying of white roses. It is done because nature cannot produce this natural hue of blue. From here, a genetic modification has been done on the roses until it has been known as blue roses. They are called like that even if they are really white roses being disguised as blue roses.

But more than its unique creation, blue roses are known because they can also symbolize uniqueness. The blue rose is a sight to behold. While red, pink and white roses are already beautiful, the blue rose is still a sight that’s quite hard to forget compared with the others. Depending on the hue of blue, the rose can look frozen or even look like candy. But anyone who has seen it can agree on how beautiful it can be.

In time, the blue rose has become a common gift item. That’s because it is a beautiful item that a person can give to someone unique. Since the blue rose is so rare, they can symbolize a love for something that a person has never seen before. Alternatively, it can also be used to express love for someone that cannot be replaced.

Regalo Manila knows that roses will always be more than just a gift. They can also have a variety of meanings to different people. Blue roses are a symbol of uniqueness. With it in Regalo Manila’s item selection, OFWs and foreigners can now express their love for someone unique in their life with this beautiful breed of roses.