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Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- People used to think that roses are the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. But there is another flower species that proved has brighter colors and is equally as beautiful. These are carnations – a delicate and durable type of flower that does not only smell good but also look good as well. After all, it will not be called a ‘flower of love’ or ‘flower of the Gods’ for nothing.

Now, anyone from any country can send carnations to the Philippines. They can do that through a website that offers flower delivery services to any part of the Philippines, They are now expanding their flower selection from mere roses to include other flower species like carnations and gerberas. PhFlower understands that their customers want to do more than send mere flowers to their recipients. They also want to convey their love and affection with the use of the flowers.

This is the need that fueled PHFlower to provide carnations in their flower selection. Carnations, after all, are such fascinating flowers. They have been in used in art, decoration and homes for generations because of their unique beauty. Soon enough, the flower now symbolizes love, uniqueness and fascination.

However, the meaning of carnations still depends on its color. For example, red carnations stand for admiration while dark red carnations elicit deep passion and desire. Pink carnations stand for gratitude. This is why pink carnations make perfect gifts for mothers as they symbolize the gratitude that everyone share for the woman who has taken care of them ever since they were babies.

The inclusion of carnations in the flower selection of PHFlower shows that the company knows that Valentine’s Day is no longer just an event for couples. It is a day where people can not only express love but gratitude to their families and friends. This is why the company decided to include something more than mere roses in their flower selection. This way, people who have no intention to be romantic on Valentine’s Day can still send some carnations to their loved ones.

What makes PHFlower unique is the fact that it d elivers flowers to the Philippines while it takes orders abroad. This means that their client usually resides in another country. He or she can either be an overseas Filipino worker or a foreigner who has some friends in the Philippines. They take his or her orders and then send the flowers to any location in the Philippines.