Send Christmas Baskets to Manila with Gifts2Manila


Quezon City, Metro Manila -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- With the recent addition of Christmas baskets to the selection of Gifts2Manila, overseas Filipino workers and people who live abroad but have loved ones in the Philippines can now send groceries to the Philippines without the extremely high shipping costs. Before, sending imported grocery items to the Philippines is limited to sending a balikbayan box or a hand-carry to someone who’s going to the Philippines. But now, you can easily send some groceries without all the complications of the previous methods.

Christmas baskets are quite popular in the Philippines because of three reasons. First, Filipinos love Christmas baskets as they symbolize abundance. Just the mere sight of it reminds them that there is more than enough to feed their families. Second, a Christmas basket demonstrates the love and care of its sender. After all, food is very close to the hearts of Filipinos. With each Christmas basket they receive, they feel more loved and cared for. And third, Filipinos love Christmas baskets because they look nice. It is like receiving a Christmas package from Santa Claus which reminds them a lot of their childhood.

These are the things that Gifts2Manila took into consideration when they have decided to release some Christmas baskets to the Philippines. First, they brainstormed about some new gift items that they will release this Christmas. They came up with an idea to come up with food as they know how this is very important to Filipinos. From here, they thought about what kind of gift items they can come up with. From food packages, they also thought about Christmas baskets.

The company is hoping that it will eventually get a spike in sales with its release of the Christmas baskets. It’s the holiday season after all. It is the perfect season for sending packaged gifts and grocery items like that in a Christmas basket.

Gifts to Manila is a company that caters to overseas Filipino workers and people who have loved ones in the Philippines. They give these people a chance to send some gift items to their love ones even if they live a thousand miles away. Since Gifts2Manila is based in the Philippines, OFWs and foreigners alike can send random gift items to their loved ones in the Philippines any day, any time. It offers an online portal that is accessible to anyone from any country and allows the facilitation of payments through electronic means like allowing payments through credit card, PayPal, Western Union and other payment processors.

While Gifts2Manila is relatively new to the market, it is still backed up by the owner’s rich experience in customer service and gift delivery. This means that customers are not entrusting your delivery to an inexperienced player in the niche. With the owner managing over 5 websites in the industry, they are in good hands.

With the release of Christmas baskets, Gifts2Manila is hoping to make lots of Filipinos feel a little happier this season. Now customers can share their happiness and blessings by sending a Christmas basket.