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Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- is now accepting flower orders for Valentine’s Day. The company is making an early call to its clients so that they can place their orders as early as January. After all, the company is expecting their slots to run out fast especially since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. With only a few weeks left before Valentine’s Day, the company now encourages their clients to order before the date so that they have ample time to prepare orders and send flowers to the Philippines on time.

Valentine’s Day will always be a big event when it comes to flowers and flower deliveries. In fact, one cannot separate the art of giving flowers and Valentine’s Day. After all, it is more than just a day. It is a season of love where passion is shamelessly demonstrated in front of other people by primarily using flowers. It is obvious that flowers are the stars on this occasion which is why they quickly run out when the event comes.

However, it is hard to celebrate Valentine’s Day if a person lives a thousand miles away from his or her partner. It may seem impossible to celebrate but this is exactly what Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs and foreigners who have loved ones in the Philippines feel when the big day is coming and they are still in another country. They think that there is no way to send flowers and other easy-to-expire gift items if you live so far away. But with Gifts2Manila, anyone can now do that. Now, there is a website that can help people send some gift items to the Philippines at a fraction of the cost and without being physically present. This is

Gifts2Manila is a website that caters to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and foreigners who live abroad but who have loved ones in the Philippines. They deliver gifts on behalf of their clients with the goal of sending gifts sans the hefty international shipping costs. They have a team that handles personal deliveries and customer inquiries around the clock.

The idea of a gift delivery website started back in the day when there is one foreigner who wants to be able to send some gifts to his loved ones in the Philippines. However, the distance is so great that it proved to be too expensive for constant deliveries. It started when he wanted to send some chocolates in the Philippines. The problem is that he has to pay the hefty international fees each time he sends them. And this does not only apply to chocolates alone but also to other gift items. In fact, it is impossible to send some flowers and food items to his loved ones so he has to choose other gift items instead.

That’s when an idea to create his own website came to his mind. He always wanted a website which can offer some delivery services at half the delivery price. So what he did was create a website that is based in Metro Manila so that he can easily send some gift items from various brands to their designated location. He just charges a little more but his clients know that it is all worth it.

With this story, Gifts2Manila is born. By its name, anyone can probably tell that its goal is to send some gifts in the Metro Manila area. But it does something more than that. It actually sends flowers and other gift items to provinces.

About Gifts2Manila
Today, Gifts2Manila is now considered to be one of the top gift delivery websites in the Philippines. With over a thousand Filipinos and foreigners who trust their services, their Valentine’s slots are quickly running out. This is why they are asking most of their regular clients to order early.