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Send Free Text Messages, Avoid Hefty Service Provider Fees With Help from Free Text


Columbus, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2012 -- As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, people across the globe are increasingly embracing new forms of communication and altering the way in which they interact with one another. And taking the world by storm, text messaging has become the most popular method of connecting with friends, family members and even co-workers.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, approximately 83 percent of American adults own a cell phone and about three-quarters of them send and receive text messages. Additionally, experts predict an estimated 10 million text messages will be sent out globally in 2012.

While text messaging has become the primary form of communication for a large number of people, many of them are not happy with the hefty text message fees they are paying to their mobile phone service providers.

To avoid the expensive text messaging fees charged by providers, people everywhere are turning to FreeText.com, a website that allows people to send free text messages to any cell phone worldwide. Recently redesigned, the site features a new sleeker look and more user-friendly navigation giving people the ability to quickly find the information they need and take advantage of the site’s many free resources.

As one of the numerous benefits offered by the site, FreeText.com does not require users to have a service plan with a cell phone provider to take advantage of their innovative free text service. Instead, users can simply create a free account with the site by providing their basic information, including name, email address and username. Once a person has registered with the FreeText.com, they can log in and instantly begin using the site’s free texting service.

Users who want to “send text message from PC” can rest assured their information is safe as FreeText.com offers a high level of security and privacy.

According to FreeText.com, “We are completely free and there are no hidden charges and we do not call, text, or spam the phone number being used and will never share information to third parties about the phone number.”

In addition to their free text service, the site offers a wide range of informative articles about the latest texting technology and laws, and features a comprehensive list of global wireless providers. Registered users can comment on the site’s articles and service provider list.

For more information or to begin sending free text messages today, visit http://www.FreeText.com

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