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Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Back then, sending fresh flowers to other countries is just a dream. After all, how can someone expect an item that easily expires to be able to make it to different countries without wilting or getting damaged? Since it is biodegradable, there is always the risk of it not only rotting but also getting squished as it is delivered.

With this problem, a new breed of websites is born. These websites are businesses that offer local delivery services for fresh flowers. It works this way. First, the website takes an order from a customer online. It lets the customer choose the desired flower arrangement from the available selection. From there, the florist creates the arrangement and sends the item to the recipient. Both the florist and delivery person is based on the recipient’s country so that the flowers are always delivered fresh. In this setup, the client can prevent the flower from wilting or getting destroyed.

In the Philippines, a website that does this service is It is evident by its name that it operates in the Philippines. After all, PH is known as the country’s shortcut. The website has then appended the word ‘flower’ to its name because it specializes in this area.

PHFlower is a website that has been operating for 5 years. It has a wide selection of flower arrangements ranging from roses, gerberas, carnations, orchids and tulips. They specialize in high quality flower arrangements that are not only delivered fresh but also created with an assortment of fillers and parchment papers that are put together to create a masterpiece. Each flower that PHFlower designs is a work of art. This may be the reason why their clients continue to patronize their services.

With PhFlower, the old days are now over. What used to be impossible is now possible. Sending fresh flowers to the Philippines is now as easy as a simple online ordering system that only takes a few clicks to get the order to push through. Since it is this simple, OFWs and foreigners who have loved ones in the Philippines now have no reason to forget to send those most coveted flower arrangements to their loved ones in the Philippines.