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Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- A gerbera had always caught the fancy of many because of its unique appearance. In fact, even if it is planted along the road, it will still be able to catch the attention of many passersby because of its unique look. People who saw it for the first time may think that it is a variation of the sunflower but it is really more of a daisy. Regardless of what people think and feel about gerberas, it will always be one of those flowers that people would love to send as gifts.

Fortunately, there is now an online gift shop that can send these flowers to the Philippines. This is – an online gift shop that houses an assortment of flower types and arrangements. They have been in the business for close to 5 years and have delivered as much as a million flowers in their lifetime. The name of the company is quite simple to understand. It is called PHFlower because it ships flowers to Philippines. PH stands for Philippines as it is considered as the universal shortcut for the country.

The target market of PHFlower is the people who live in other countries but want to send some gifts to the Philippines. They want to act as a service that allows people to send flowers to their loved ones no matter where they are in the world. With their service, people from just about any country can expect their flowers to be delivered fresh to their loved ones as it will be delivered locally by a dedicated delivery team.

From the beginning, the website houses some of the most popular flower gift items. In fact, they have an assortment of bouquets ranging from roses, carnations and lilies. Now, they want to include a rather lively flower to the mix – gerberas which are known for their bold and lively colors.

True enough, gerberas are popular because of their color. In fact, some of the most popular bouquets are a mixture of yellow, orange and red gerberas. Unlike other flowers that are known for their dainty feel, gerberas are known more for its energy. This is the reason why it makes a perfect gift for friends and relatives more than a partner. But it can still be given to a partner especially if the sender wants to appreciate the person’s liveliness, cheerfulness and energy.

Some of the most popular gerbera bouquets in the website are the yellow and orange gerbera bundle and the combination of both. Next in line is the red gerbera bundle that can be arranged in a pot or held as a round bouquet. But no matter what gerbera bouquet their customer chooses, they will find that each gerbera arrangement possesses a unique type of energy that is enough to make a person smile.