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Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- is launching an all-new service that is designed to send gifts to Manila. Unlike other services that only makes use of couriers to get the gifts around the metro. Gifts2Manila now houses an independent delivery team that takes care of all personal deliveries within Metro Manila. This is good news for all those people who want to send some gifts around the area as there is now a dedicated service that ensures that all of their packages are sent in its best possible condition. believes that their service is a must-have as they can help people from all over the world send different types of gift items to their loved ones. Here are the gift items that they provide.


Perhaps the most popular out of all their gift items is the flowers. That is because flower delivery services from other countries are not as reliable when it comes to sending flowers locally. With Gifts2Manila, the delivery team is based in the country. This means that they can easily send gifts to Manila and other areas within the metro without any trouble. This will mean that flowers will retain their freshness as they are shipped.

Stuffed Toys

Aside from flowers, Gifts2Manila is also known for the different design of stuffed toys that they have in their arsenal. Aside from the simple add-on bear, they also have custom stuffed toys like panda bears, bears holding a heart and pigs. Some clients send these items along with some flowers as they make a really good surprise gift.


Gifts2Manila also houses different types of food brands in their website. From fast food restaurants like Jollibee and McDonalds to high end brands like Contis and T.G.I.Fridays, Gifts2Manila offers a plethora of foods for just about any taste. Their goal is to offer food items so that anyone from any part of the world can send food items in time for celebration locally.


Aside from all the mentioned gift items, Gifts2Manila also has an array of pearl and silver jewelry in their selection. They come in different designs. All their jewelry is made only from real silver or pearls for their client’s protection.

With all the types of Gifts that Gifts2Manila provides, it is truly the most obvious choice when it comes to sending gifts in the Manila area. Backed by 5 years of experience in the same field, they have delivery men who know the ins and outs of the Metro. With this, clients from just about any country can make their loved ones happy by simply ordering a gift online.