Regalo Manila

Send Gifts to the Philippines Online Campaign by Regalo Manila


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- With more and more Filipinos now living and working abroad, there is a question on how they can reach out to their loved ones in the Philippines. The long distance calls, Skype video calls and roaming texts are still not enough. They still need a service where they can somehow reach to their loved ones physically without actually leaving the country that they are in.

This is where Regalo Manila comes in. Regalo Manila is a company that specializes on sending gifts to the Philippines on behalf of their loved ones abroad. This is how their business works. First, they take orders through their website. From there, they process the orders and have them delivered either through their delivery men or through their dedicated courier that handles all provincial deliveries.

With the nature of their service, they are now launching a campaign called “send gifts to the Philippines online”. This is because they have found that OFWs and foreigners are usually out of options when they are in a different country. Sometimes, they have no choice but to go home with their gifts or have a friend take it with them in a balikbayan box.

Regalo Manila thinks that this is the case simply because these people don’t know about an online service that provides such a service. This is the main service provided by Regalo Manila and that’s what they are making the campaign for. They have conducted a meeting about this and they have decided that the awareness of clients about international delivery services is still quite small. After all, there are already millions of overseas Filipino workers all over the world and the company still only has a good one hundred thousand customers. This is still far from the number of Filipinos living in other countries all over the world.

It is with this reason that Regalo Manila is going to launch a campaign that encourages people to send gifts online. This campaign includes a tutorial where they will literally take people by the hand so that they can become more confident in ordering online. All these events will be held where most of their target market hangs out and that is in OFW meetups and OFW groups. Regalo Manila hopes that this campaign is able to open the eyes of all those people who work abroad so that they can send their love to their families and friends in the Philippines.