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Send Graduation Gifts to Philippines with Regalo Manila's New Gifts


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- It is now official. Regalo Manila has now released 44 new gift items to their Graduation gift selection. Their selection includes some toys, food items and some graduation items for boys and girls. Their selection is crafted in such a way that there is a gift for just about any type of graduate. They have released this new product selection with the goal of encouraging their clients to send graduation gifts to Philippines especially this March or April (the normal graduation month in the Philippines).

Among their graduation gifts for girls are stuffed toys and flower bouquets. Some of the most notable ones are Beary Blue (the combination of bear and a blue rose bouquet), the Best Seller (which is comprised of a bear, a Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a bouquet of roses) and their well known COMBO 13 (which is comprised of a huge bear and a bouquet of pink roses).

The food packages available in Regalo Manila’s website include pizza packages from well known Pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut and Shakeys. They have specifically chosen these packages not only because of their good taste but also for the fact that it can feed a lot of people.

Then, they also have some toys that are perfect gifts for elementary or preschool graduates. After all, Regalo Manila understands the parents’ need to continuously encourage their sons or daughters to continue studying diligently. As a gift company, they personally believe that a reward is important in every milestone in life. With this in mind, they have included some gifts not only for high school and college graduates but also for elementary and preschool graduates.

With the addition of graduation gifts in their selection, Regalo Manila hopes to be a part of a very important event in the lives of their clients. Since most of their target market are OFW parents, they know that they would want to celebrate an event as important as a graduation day.