Send Money Home Revamped Recently to Improve User Friendliness

Making international money transfer gets easier with the complete updattion of Send Money Home website. Saving money than usual bank transfers.


Wickford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- The website of Send Money Home has gone through a complete revamp recently to become more user friendly. Being one of the first few websites to offer people alternative methods to send money overseas rather than a bank, gets easy to use after the recent update, says its owner Raffick Marday from Send Money Home.

According to Raffick Marday, “We are happy to announce that international money transfer will be easier now after the revamp of our website. We take pride of being among the first online sources to help people send money home with alternative mediums than conventional banks. We always intend to serve people better and our recent website update will help the visitors to easily choose the right money transfer option at the best exchange rate.”

He also informs that their service guarantees to beat any high street bank when a consumer or business sends money overseas worth £5000 and above. The team of Send Money Home is associated with numerous approved foreign exchange brokers that will help the consumers to transfer money for free over £5000.

The process of making international money transfer is easy, as a consumer is just required to open an account with the currency broker, says a Neil Thurlwell spokesperson of the website. He adds, “The process of opening an account and its verification just takes ten minutes. Once this is done, a consumer has to just select the currency rate and transfer the money into the client account of the broker. This entire process is easy and saves money.”

The users can also see how much money they are saving in comparison to the previous transfers they have done with the free business audit system of the website. If the users have more than one trading account they can compare rates between different institutions and providers to get the best deals.

‘I really appreciate the new look of Send Money Home. The website is now much easy to use and one an easily find the best exchange rates for international money transfer,” says Rosa Johnson, London.

The website also guides people about planning international currency payments in advance to get the best rates, as the exchange rate for currency fairs regularly fluctuates.

About is among the first websites that offers consumers with alternative options to make money transfers internationally rather than a bank at the best exchange rates. For more information, visit