Send Roses to Philippines with PHFlower


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2014 -- Roses have been well known all over the world as the flower of romance. Aside from the fact that it is often used to woo the hearts of women, it had also been a traditional expression of love. Maybe this is the reason why roses are often sought after in love-oriented events like Valentine’s Day. It is because roses are the ultimate expression of love.

But while roses are good gifts to express one’s love to another person, this is often impossible to do when a person lives in another country. For one, roses are considered as perishable gifts. But unlike chocolates that can last for a certain amount of days, roses will last for a week at maximum. And since sending packages around the world can be quite expensive, an alternative solution is therefore needed.

This is where a website called PHFlower comes in. PHFlower is an online flower shop where potential customers can order flowers from the website and have them sent to their loved ones in the Philippines. While other countries already have services like these, this is quite new to the Philippines. In fact, PHFlower is one of the pioneers when it comes to sending roses and other flowers to the Philippines.

Their service works because they have a delivery team in place. This delivery team waits for orders online and encodes them into a database. From here, the order is carefully crafted by talented florists and sent to the delivery team for dispatch.

About PHFlower
With PHFlower’s improved services, sending roses to the Philippines had just become easier. Now, anyone from any part of the world can send the ultimate expression of love to their loved ones without the need for hefty international flight or delivery fees.