Send Stuffed Toys to Manila This Christmas Season with Gifts2Manila

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Quezon City, Manilla -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Gift2Manila is in a Christmas mood when they have decided to include fluffy stuff toys in their website selection. After all, Christmas will always be the perfect season to send this type of items as they are loved by children and women for generations.

As the company is brainstorming some ideas on how to increase their sales, they come up with the idea of allowing their clients to send stuffed toys to Manila as it is a gift item that does not go out of style. At first, they are looking for ways to increase their overall revenue by focusing on their marketing efforts only to end up in vain.

That’s when one person in the team thought about including other products in their online store. He proposed the idea of having some stuff toys in their selection as they are the perfect add-on for flowers. And since he has some connections with key toy distributors in the country, it was easy.

Today, Gifts2Manila is now able to deliver stuff toys of different colors, styles and sizes all over the Philippines because of their partnership with the prime stuff toy brands and toy distributors like Blue Magic, Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom.

The company is excited to give this option to their clients as this idea can also act as an add-on to their flowers. This idea provides a win-win situation for them and their clients as their clients will be able to send a new type of gift to their love ones as the company increases its sales. Basically, the goal of the company is to make money by meeting the needs of their clients.

Clients can trust Gifts2Manila because it is created by someone who has been into the Internet marketing field for 5 years. The company owner knows his way in the online retail and delivery business and has a talented customer service and delivery team that handles all inquiries and operations.

Aside from that they have served more than 10,000 clients and have over 5,000 loyal customers before they even launch their business online. This is a solid proof that their company is legit and that they provide nothing less than high quality service. You know that you’re in good hands if you choose Gifts2Manila because they are backed up by thousands of customers who experienced what they can do. They are always concerned about the needs of their clients and make sure to meet their standards in every way they can.