Seneca Banking Consultants Now Providing Solutions for Interest Rate Swap Claims


Haydock, Merseyside -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The Seneca Group, an independent investment and alternative asset management firm, is now actively providing solutions for interest rate swap claims that are raised due to inappropriate and poor sales practices.

The press has recently reported innumerable stories about the sudden rise of cases that involves inappropriate selling of complex interest rate hedging products and the absence of proper sales rewards and incentive schemes to reduce the risk of such poor sales practices within the banks.

Seneca Banking Consultants dedicatedly work towards creating a strong counter-attack for such issues. The firm promises its clients to return the money that was lost due to mis-sold interest rate swaps, by making strong and successful claims against their banks.

A spokesperson from the firm further explains, “Such swaps claims are transparently investigated by Seneca Banking Consultants in order to justify the reason behind clients’ weakened balance sheets; stretched working capital positions; inability to refinance with another bank; increased overdrafts and cash low pressure; breaches of banking covenants; amongst other issues faced by our clients.”

“We have the modelling expertise to price derivatives historically. When we deal with your claim, we’ll examine your case in detail and use our own unique financial modelling capabilities to calculate the exact losses you have endured as a result of the product”, ensures the spokesperson.

With Seneca Banking Consultants, clients can be guaranteed to receive a disciplined and professional range of consultation services. The consultants at The Seneca Group are renowned for taking care of the clients’ most complex financial claims, delivering the desired results efficiently and effectively. Interested people can fill out the firm’s enquiry form at their website for more information.

About Seneca Group
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