Joe Bragg Coach, Marat Nigmatzyanov, Is Creating a Buzz Both on and off the Field


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- Balancing work and recreation is not an easy task in today’s fast paced world. Many people are finding themselves working ever increasing hours at the office, leaving little time for family life, recreation or helping out in the community.

But one Maryland CEO is successfully achieving both. Marat Nigmatzyanov is a Chief Executive Officer at MMP Associates by day and still finds time to volunteer as the well respected head coach for Seneca United soccer club in the evenings and weekends.

MMP Associates is a business marketing and advertising company located in Rockville, Maryland. Prior to taking on the CEO position, Marat studied at the University of Maryland at College Park so is well qualified for the role.

When he’s not making important decisions for the company, Marat Nigmatzyanov devotes a lot of time to his local soccer club, Seneca United. He is truly passionate about his soccer and coaching young soccer players to help them reach their full potential.

Currently, he is head coach of the Under 15 Boys’ Travel Team at the club. This involves a lot of commitment to plan and attend 2 to 3 training sessions each week, the regular NCSL league games, 4 to 7 tournaments a year and 2 winter indoor soccer (Futsal) sessions each year.

On top of this, each soccer game is recorded on video and the coaches take the time to go through the videos with the players to see where they can improve.

All of this is done for the love of the game – the coaches don’t receive any payment. All money received by the club from memberships and fundraising goes directly to benefit the players in the form of equipment, uniforms and better facilities.

Marat says, “Yes, life is busy at the moment, but at the same time it’s very rewarding seeing the boys develop their soccer skills. By managing my time very carefully, I’m able to fit a lot more into every day than I ever used to be able to. There’s some things I’ve had to sacrifice to make time to give 110% to not only my job, but the Seneca soccer club, but it’s definitely been worth it. It’s all about your priorities.”

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