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Senior Citizen Creates Medicare Supplemental Insurance Comparison Website, Family in Shock as Website Gains Overnight Fame


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- What started off as a simple hobby of making websites for his friends and family, senior citizen Stephen Pewter never predicted that his new website Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net would be met with such popularity after its initial release.

As is the case with many online celebrities, Stephen Pewter went from an unknown retired firefighter in his mid-70s, to an online hero literally overnight. “When my grandson gave me my first computer for my 74th birthday I had no idea that little machine could be so much fun,” said Mr. Pewter laughing. “A month after my birthday I already had built my first website and several months after that I put together the Medicare website. My wife and I were struggling to find Medicare supplemental insurance at a good price and my dad always told me if you want anything done right you have to do it yourself. It was then that I set off to build this website for my friends and family, little did I know that the world would welcome it with such open arms."

“I think people are touched by his story,” says Margaret Pewter, Stephen's wife of 46 years. “Who would have thought that a senior citizen could build such a beautiful website that could help so many people? Folks are curious to see what Stephen was able to create, I believe that is why it has reached so many people."

Boasting over 10,000 visits in its first week online, Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net is arguably one of the most successful Medicare insurance comparison websites in existence. Online experts are saying that the success of Steven’s website is largely based on the ease of its use. “The unique thing about Mr. Pewter as a web designer is that he brings old-style thinking into the design of his websites, says David Almeida, CEO of MDR Media Group. “He knows that people want simplicity, so rather than designing another Medicare supplemental insurance comparison website that demands personal information such as a credit card number or home address, he set out to put together a website that could give insurance quotes by just the use of a zip code.”

Indeed, Stephen Pewter’s story is a unique one, and experts predict that as long as his website continues to offer value to its users this is not the last time the world will hear about this upcoming “senior web designer.”

To learn more about Stephen Pewter and his Medicare website, or to get a free quote with just the use of a zip code, please visit http://medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net/

About Stephen Pewter and MSIC
Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net (MSIC) was created by Stephen Pewter in December of 2012 to help his friends and family get the best rates for Medicare supplemental insurance. It grew by word of mouth and today is becoming one of the most successful Medicare supplemental insurance comparison websites on the Internet. The website utilizes the absolute latest in price quote technology, and has already received rave reviews from the industry.