Sensaphone Attends the September 2015 WEFTEC Conference


Aston, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2015 -- Founded in 1985, Sensaphone has been providing high-end instrumentation intended for remote environmental monitoring and early detection products based out of their headquarters in Aston, Pennsylvania. Sensaphone is pleased to have attended the annual 2015 Water Environment Federation's Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC). The event took place September 26-30 in Chicago, Illinois.

Water quality specialists and experts from around the world gathered at WEFTEC to discuss new technological breakthroughs and concepts in the world of water quality monitoring, disinfection and public health, energy production, conservation and management, micro constituents and membrane technology, control of odors and air emissions, decentralized systems, control of storm water and wet weather, green infrastructure solutions and more. Sensaphone produces some of the best equipment for the monitoring of critical conditions in water supplies using remote communication, which is a necessity for areas where running wires is near impossible. Sensaphone attended this event in order to share their findings and technology with their industry as well as gain insight from other industry leaders from around the world.

Sensaphone is able to assist a wide variety of industries with their services. They help data centers monitor their water supplies to ensure there's never any issues involving water in their technologically sensitive areas. They also work with professionals working with livestock, greenhouses and residential properties. They are renowned for their reliable instruments in the water treatment, oil and natural gas industries as well.

There are many advantages to choosing Sensaphone for water quality and safety measurement instruments. Their technology can be remotely accessed and works through direct communications, featuring easy setup and programming. Their devices provide extensive data reporting, including temperature and humidity. The products can also be fitted with customized notifications and applications. On top of all of this, each of Sensaphone's products are made, supported and serviced in the United States.

Sensaphone is currently available to accept clientele for a wide variety of services, including room temperature monitoring systems, water pressure sensors, greenhouse remote monitoring and much more. Reach them today to learn more about their services and the WEFTEC conference by calling 888.369.4781, e-mailing or filling out a contact form on their website.

About Sensaphone
Sensaphone® offers a comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that safeguard valuable assets by tracking critical environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures. Sensaphone products provide alerts and proactive monitoring data to homeowners and facility managers in many areas including telecommunications, oil and gas, water and wastewater, HVACR, agriculture, healthcare, data centers and greenhouses. More than 400,000 Sensaphone systems are in use today around the world, and they continue to be manufactured in the USA.

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