Sensoril Launches Ashwagandha Infographic to Inform Audiences


Bennington, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Sensoril, the industry-leading, clinically proven stress neutralizer, has created an infographic to inform their audience of the beneficial ingredient, Ashwagandha. Infographics are gaining steady popularity as visual communication is more ingrained in everyone’s lives. While the Internet becomes more visual, infographics are quickly becoming a standard marketing and promotional tool.

An infographic can be defined as a visual representation of data. They are poster-like images that present facts in an easy-to-understand manner. Infographics are not full of just text; they usually include fun graphics to add interest and bring the text to life. Infographics get right to the point and are quick and easy to read, which are two things our busy society can appreciate.

Since humans are visual creatures, having an eye-catching graphic is a smart way to present facts. Infographics focus on main points, definitions and statistics, with short sentences and bullet points instead of large chunks of information or lengthy paragraphs. This helps to keep the reader’s interest and makes normally complex information easier to understand. It combines the factual elements of an article with the visual elements of a video, yet only takes a short amount of time to read.

It was important in the design of this infographic to help educate consumers about the supplement ingredient while making that information easy to share. Relevant, easy-to-read content connects best with the consumer. The text and images should be easy to digest. Graphs and charts are great ways to present data without boring the reader. Even the most mundane or complex information can seem easy to understand if it is presented via an infographic in the correct way.

This is the first infographic created by the company behind Sensoril to explain the benefits of the nutraceutical ingredient. This consumer-targeted infographic will help consumers quickly and easily understand the benefits and science behind Ashwagandha.

Realizing that few infographics address the supplement market, Sensoril embarked on creating this infographic about Ashwagandha to target their consumers. The infographic presents the basic facts of the stress-fighting botanical, the benefits of taking it and how it works with your body. By including the specific definitions, the science behind the plant and a graphic of how it works, consumers can fully understand how effective and safe the product is.

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