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SEO Assist Offers Pay as You Go SEO That Allow Results to Build Client Loyalty

SEO Assist has created pay as you go, no commitment monthly packages to make their success entirely dependent on the results they get for clients.


Langley, Berkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Search engine optimization is a part art and part science, and is understood by very few people even today. Understanding these processes is made even harder due to search engines like Google shifting their algorithms and parameters in a constantly evolving pursuit to out-think SEO specialists who game their systems to get clients to the top of the search rankings and reap the rewards of this enhanced profile. As a result, SEO specialists must constantly evolve their strategies, making the newest agencies the most flexible and effective. SEO Assist went into business as an SEO brand after years of consulting and now offers the most dynamic approach to SEO services- and if clients don’t like it, they can leave without onerous penalties other agencies insist upon.

Unlike other companies who may be interested in tying down a contract for 12 months in order to give them time to create results the client will be happy with, SEO Assist offer all their SEO packages on a pay as you go, commitment free basis so that if they don’t come up with the goods, they lose the business.

This has provided them an incentive to stay at the top of their game and go the extra mile for all clients, meaning clients in turn also get the most dramatic results. In this way, this SEO without a safety net approach is advantageous to all.

A spokesperson for SEO Assist explained, “We threw this gauntlet down to ourselves because we understand that SEO can be viewed by those on the outside as somewhat esoteric, and other companies make a living out of keeping processes and results ambiguous. We offer full transparency and concrete progress reports to our clients as well as leaving the door open for them to leave any time they are unsatisfied, meaning that results mean everything to us and guaranteeing we will do nothing but our absolute best to make them as remarkable as possible. Our years of real life training, implementation and cutting edge strategies has allowed us to achieve a client retention rate is remarkably high.”

About SEO Assist
SEO Assist was established by JP Kumar in 2010. Originally a bespoke SEO service for resellers and consultants, the company has since established its own brand and has been offering highly affordable search engine optimization services since 2012. Competitive and value for money, the company promise cutting edge solutions and transparent quotes to make the process as effective and straightforward as possible. For more information please visit: